Young And Youthful Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Young And Youthful

She wanted her babies early.
This is what I manage to hear...
As I coincidentally passed,
My neighbor's kitchen window.
During my evening power walk.

And also to be neighborly...
With any neighbor that might happen,
To see me resting...
On the side of their homes!
Rubbing a leg or two.

And I am far from nosey!
I'm just one of those rare,
Touch and feely types.

'You're going to make the same mistakes,
I made...
Young lady.
But unlike my mother...
You aint bringing no babies in here.
Is that clear?
None I'm going to be prepared to raise.

We are in those days...
You kids growing up to leave,
Would make me extremely pleased! '

~But mommy,
All of the girls at my junior high school...
Are having babies,
While they are still young and youthful.
And beautiful too.~

'It's like this...
You brought a puppy in here.
And I feed and walk it.
Although you kids,
Tell everyone...
How 'you' have a puppy.
But can't take care of one.

And your brother can't stay in a relationship.
Everytime he returns with his 'baggage'...
He dumps it all over the place,
To say how stupid girls make him sick!

And your father,
I might as well mention this...
Act as if I am here to babysit him.
Because I refuse to go through,
His weekly tantrums.

It's like this...
I dare you to bring a baby up in here.
If you do that...
The front door will be open.
And the only thing I want to see...
Is your back.

You will witness it very quickly,
Your mother will be someone...
Who will admit in public,
Of never having children.
And that will be the end of it! '

~Mommy stop playing.
I am serious! ~

'Test me,

~You know my name is Cynthia, mommy.~

'Is it?
I'm already experiencing the affects of amnesia.
You know...
Why didn't I think of this much earlier? '

~Mother? ~

'I'm sorry.
Are you talking to me?
Are you related to that nosey neighbor,
Leaning near my rose bed.'

Hello Mrs. Jenkins.
These power walks don't come as easy to me,
As they use to be.*

'You step on my roses,
And you will find your legs to be the least of your problems.
I'll get you a reservation at the Hampton Health Center.
You might as well come on in and have a cup of coffee,
With Harold.
He aint doin' nothin'.'

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