Your Life, My Life, Our Life, New Life Poem by nicky joyce

Your Life, My Life, Our Life, New Life

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I am so lucky come look at me
See what I have see what I’ve achvied
Come listen for a while and listen real good
Will tell you how it started but the start was not good

Once upon a time a long while ago
There once lived a very scared little girl
Bubbly and bright filled with delight
Taken from her pure innocent light
But she grew up and grew very strong
Took on the world and all that belong

Then came a guy who cut her in two
Beaten her silly till she was black and blue
She overcome this and learned to move on
Even though something precious was taken along

The next chapter started and something new
Along come those precious darling little dews
Everything rosy everything tickty boo
But she changed to suit the needs of you
She lost herself and all that she knew
For people being happy is what she thought she was to do
She denied herself the light and the truth

She was happy and content
But it all became about being you
She fought and she fought hard
She mingled threw painted on her smile
The sadness came and rowing to
This she never wanted for her darling little dews

Fighting back and getting herself strong
Learning to live with whatever was to become
She gave it her all she tried all she could
But finally gave the will to fight

Now it’s new and time to get on
She’s now got friends who helped her grow back being strong
Gave her confidence with grace and a smile
Told her what she needed to go that extra mile
Now she’s studying and growing strong each day
Her darling little dews with beaming glaze
They see her smile they see her laugh
Because now she’s on the right path

So it’s not all sad it’s a learning curve
Be yourself and never controlled
Not by yourself not by your love
Be happy be smiley be who you want to be
Cause will tell you something now
I’m finally back being me

Edward Kofi Louis 17 December 2014

Great Piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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