Your Six Feet Under Poem by Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker Abdalla

Your Six Feet Under

I besought you were convivial and never ever at belly; days had passed, months brought, years are on their way, the thinking of you linger in my brain, wondering how life would be if you weren't died.

Accident hadn't met at his grave and whine; there wasn't hush a thousand winches that blew our agony tears twinkled on coke, there was the sun on ripened grain, of quiet birds in hedge floating; there was a hanger like the smooth stars that effulgence at shadowed.

On your side and you would never take a part on sight; having craving for you so greater, the pain does not ease.

Your astonished memorial would cure all suffering of flew you a further. I still couldn't ratify that you've gone so soon, you had left beyond just memories of your grin, and your innocent heart whisper on my ears like days gone and come.

As part the writhing of the sea bent on raptures when muscle gives way, bundled to a gear, yet and the whited-horse wickedness split all ends up mews wailed at my ears.

Blooming, nothing else lift its neck to the posy of the rain; though breaching in the sun till the sun idleness.

Our love surpassed the ups and downs
And helped us along the way, and that same love will give me strength to manage this loss each day.

Dying shows up to every living blood near or far; though dears be lost suddenly, they have gone such a fancy; for you were my role model, for good and endless; you would ever hold that till we convened again someday.

A written poem is on Sunday,23th of January 2022. The occasion of this poem in loving memory of my uncle's death. (Bushir Mohamed Ahmed) and for all those who have lost a loved one in their life.
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