Chantelle Clark

Rookie (Feb 7th 1991 / Toronto)

Your World (A Note) - Poem by Chantelle Clark

Have you ever looked at the world and wished it was better? Well not so much better just merely different, or is it perfect to you? We all want the world to change in some way so it either benefits us or it helps the world as a whole, well only figuratively speaking in a concensus assumption. There are those people out there who'd rather not think about bettering the world but instead would rather just live in what we've already got. But what do we really have? We have a lot less then what we used to have in terms of a moral thought. Yes there is a super power below us, a reputation to uphold, and the constant drone of technology. We all thrive in the world that surrounds us in some way, we are addicted to gadgets, technology in general, and this science has proven itself convienent. But this has, yes furthered our knowledge and advancement as human beings but, it has made us less content. Can anyone vouch that they have gone outside for a walk to admire the nature that surrounds us or do we only go out when it is demanded of us, or as a place to just relax, and clear our heads? We are a more prejudiced people then we used to be, but then again are we? Yes we had wars then, yes we have wars now, and are seemingly becoming more and more prevalent in which case our world is slowly falling. Once again we are stuck in a world with continuous conflicts of people with the difference of opinions. We fight for our idea, our word, our world, our fantasy, we do not and rarely compromise and when we do, it does justice to the people who are what we should be, but nothing and no one is perfect.

We all suffer, for some it is looking at the future, and for others it is being idle which is an agonizing loss of time and emotion put into nothingness. Yet nothingness, in some cases, should be welcomed. Those who live in the moment are enjoying the now, the present, what life is giving them at this point in time, from day to day, hour to hour. This allows for a strong will of contentment, and yet sometimes it does not do anything for some. Sometimes this contentment does not last for those living in the moment, things begin to get complicated and the simplicity of their world is lost and they must find it again by all means. The world is constantly changing it's state of voice, we are stuck in a place of many ideas, too little time and too many options.

So as the world continues on in it's wonderful state of bliss which is really nothing but a worthless facade of contentment filled with false contortions, we must look at the real reality, the truth. So as we smile with our lives, the happiness we have and the sorrow that we always come in contact with, we must ask those questions that boggle us even though the answers are right in front of us. All we need to do is stop overanalyzing and listen to the wind that is shaping our futures with the velocity of our quick decision making and judgement.

And the Narcotic drone of distraction continues...

And simplicity cries out, can't you hear it through all the blinding and reverberating complications that bounce against our skulls willing them to split as we live our lives full of obsticles, cause that is what life is. A simplistic fold of layers in a complicated fashioned weave.

Just a thought,


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