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A Savior

The sun sets and darkness envelopes the world
In the wrath of its deadly sin.
Only the stars shine bright in the vast universe
But yet this blackness sucks me into a world
Of plight where there will never be any delight.

When I am alone at night,
The darkness closes around me tight.
There is one savior that keeps me company.
Music brings the light.

When a storm approaches and rain comes down.
The lightening streaks through the sky
Tearing my eyes and making me cry.
Music is the rainbow.

When my brokenheart dulls my senses,
And my river of...

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Through Adult's Eyes

Through an Adult's eyes, Life's a game.
The news, the prose, they're one and the same.
A war claims lives,
People Die.
Its only a fight through an Adult's eyes.

Through an Adult's eyes, work is all.
The Jobs, the paperwork, each day is a wall.
Computers and books.