Youth Emma Poem by Emma Adamyan

Youth Emma

Rating: 5.0

Tell me who are you-
A miscreant or a good soul,
A rich man or a poor person?
Tell me,
What are your thoughts when you`re alone
And what are your dreams,
Who flies with you on nights?
Tell me, who are you,
How many masks do you wear
Ten, score or more?
You better look right into your soul
To give me the answer honest and simple
And then, I may with you stay
As well as I may melt away
All depends on the answer I gain

Tell me who are you-
A cunning person or a simpleton,
A wise man or a clown
Who doesn`t know himself what`s his goal
Sort it out to get who you are
And find me even if I`m too far
To tell what shall I do
To wait or run away from you
To believe or despise enough for two
To hate or love again, so true...
Promise, you won`t let our love die,
Till then goodbye...

And I for one give my promise
To wait, remember, hope and believe
To keep for you the sweetest kiss
For the sake of your return oneday
You will come back from far away
Your way home won`t be easy
But you will find me ever
And stay with me forever...

The poem is N17 in my list not by chance, it was written in Winter of 2000- my seventeen. Translated from Russian- the only poem i have ever had in the language I speak from my childhood.

Dr.subhendu Kar 09 December 2009

oh this a wonderful poem, quest when asks for love of truth, as love of grace when milling deep, yet love may longing for stranger, wrought ingenious by imagery and metaphors,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Kesav Easwaran 30 November 2009

good piece holds all the sweetness and bitterness of a life seventeen...10

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