Poet of the River

Rookie - 10 Points [Ms.] (july 27 1994 / California, but move around a lot.)

Poet of the River Poems

1. Left Out (Sad) 3/10/2011
2. The Grim Reaper Is Here...(Sad/Thought) 3/10/2011
3. Love? (Thought) 3/11/2011
4. My Love For You(Happy) 3/11/2011
5. Bad Or Not (Thought) 3/11/2011
6. Is It Better? (Thought) 3/11/2011
7. Life Is A Flower. (Sad/Thought) 3/11/2011
8. Someday (Sad) 3/11/2011
9. Flower On A Mountan (Thought) 3/11/2011
10. I Once Lived A World Of War (Sad/Political) 3/21/2011
11. I Want To Change. (Sad) 3/23/2011
12. Hush Little Baby Its Alright.(Religous/Sad) 3/23/2011
13. A Birthday With You(Happy) 3/28/2011
14. Trust You'R Friends(Thought/Happy) 3/29/2011
15. Present Of Love (Happy) 3/31/2011
16. You Brightened The Blue.(Happy) 4/1/2011
17. Wrong Or Wright? (Thought) 4/6/2011
18. The Meaning Of Life(Happy/Thought) 4/6/2011
19. They Will Teach You (Thought) 4/11/2011
20. I Love You (Happy) 4/12/2011
21. You Are(Romantic) 5/4/2011
22. Thinking Of Love(Happy/Romantic) 5/5/2011
23. Stolen Love (Sad) 5/5/2011
24. Roses(Happy) 5/12/2011
25. Stolen Shadow(Scary) 5/26/2011
26. The Stranger In You(Thought) 7/25/2011
27. I Never Loved You (Sad) 7/25/2011
28. I Do Not Love You (Sad) 7/25/2011
29. If I Could Change Would You Love Me? (Thought) 7/26/2011
30. You Didn'T Love Me (Sad) 6/4/2011
31. Traveler Of Shadows(Ominous/Scary) 6/9/2011
32. Peace? (Thought) 7/27/2011
33. Live In Their Eyes (Thought) 7/31/2011
34. When In Doubt Look To Yourself. (Thought/Motivational) 8/1/2011
35. Ozone (Political) 8/3/2011
36. Umm...What? (Funny/Outrageous) 8/3/2011
37. You Always Have Me (Happy/Thought) 8/3/2011
38. Is Insanity Sanity? (Thought) 8/8/2011
39. Purple Flowers (Happy/Thought) 8/17/2011
40. What Life Brings (Thought) 8/24/2011
Best Poem of Poet of the River

' A Path With No End ' (Thought)

They say life is a winding road with many paths to take.
But no matter how many paths I choose,
It's always a dead end,
I have to retrace my steps to find my mistake.
Only to find it's one I cannot mend.

It's like starting a race expecting to win,
But somehow you always loose.
When the race starts you don't know where to begin.
What path to choose.

But what happens when we get to the dead end?
Do we turn around and run away so we can try again?
Do we try to win a race with no end?
Or is the dead end ware our true journey begins?

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Bad Or Not (Thought)

A man once said their is no such thing as a bad day,
Just bad moments we choose to take with us all the way.
If that is so then why are good days still good?
Or is it just a moment we hold on to as long as we can?
If so then their are no good days or bad days in life their all the same.
Just days we wish would last forever,
And ones we wish never came.

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