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' A Path With No End ' (Thought)

They say life is a winding road with many paths to take.
But no matter how many paths I choose,
It's always a dead end,
I have to retrace my steps to find my mistake.

A Broken Heart (Sad)

We are all hurt in life.
They say that pain lessons over time,
but that pain never truly fades.
We simple cover it in scar tissue to help dull the pain.

A Sister And Her Mister (Funny)

There once was a sister,
who loved to kiss her mister.
Til' one day she came home,
and saw her mister with her sister.

Consideration (Thought)

Its funny how people always tend to trip over there own feet.
Its funny how they can run into a sign, while walking down a street.
Its funny how putting mentos in your friends cola makes it foam.
Its funny how on Halloween you can go and T.P. someone's home.

Under The Snow (Sad)

On top of the roof
The air is so cold and so calm
Standing at the edge alone
a single note in your palm,

Poet of the River Comments

Tanchanok Manokam 29 March 2011

I like your poem ' love and lose ' This poem is sad. And it like me right now. Good Job.

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Daniel Warner 01 April 2012

I've read the poems you have posted and have been awestruck to say; you should be in the Top 50 poets list.Fantastic writing.

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Kevin Patrick 30 March 2012

A gifted young girl who can turn her emotional turmoil’s, into passionate verses that relay the confusion in a world of post adolescents yet simultaneously show signs of happiness and resiliency underneath the common burdens of existential angst prevalent for her age. In other words she has soul of a balanced writer, and if you want to understand a young women's mind look no further.

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Jim Taylor 06 March 2012

I can't make you grow, be old, feel the dark angels of desperation... I can only say to you what is in me from what you say to me... You are becoming larger than you know (I feel it in your verse) keep growing... it's not talking it's an answer to a dance that they keep jiving. love never ends...

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Mehraneh Hosseini 17 January 2012

Good job, thanks. .... but believe that life is not how disappointing! ? you are 17, so who about a little laugh dude? what do you say?

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Bella Stylos 17 August 2011

ds poem makes me want to reflect on my lyf.

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I'm 19 with a knack of finding the worst and best of life and reveling its most complicated questions.
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