Md. Ziaul Haque Poetenry Poems

I switched off the light,
Lit a candle,
Creating a romantic milieu,
You stood before the dressing table.

বসন্ত এসে গেছে আবার,

বসন্ত আসুক ফিরে বারবার!

The Plan Of God! [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

God has a divine plan,

With your life,


When your breasts I touched,

The nipples bloomed like flowers!

এতো কষ্ট করে তোমায় পেয়ে,

আবার এতো সহজেই ফেলেছি হারিয়ে!

মাঝি, ক্লান্ত, পরিশ্রান্ত,

মাঝির কাটে বেলা প্রতিনিয়ত,

যাই যখন যেদিক পানে,

ঈর্ষার ছায়া দেখি সেখানে,

আবারো ফিরে আসা,

সেই পুরনো সৃষ্টিশীলতার পথে,

মনুষ্যত্বহীনতা আছে ছেয়ে চারিদিকে,

যেন "কিং ইডিপাস" এর অভিশপ্ত মহামারী!

I Will Find My Way! [poetenry: Poem Of Ten Lines]

Put the Everest on my shoulders!

Or the Himalayas if you want, hey!

Know Pain, Know Gain! [poetenry: Poem Of Ten Lines]

Know pain,

Know gain!

Perfectly shaped she is,

Like a statue,

Cloudy Rain! [sexual Unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

When down went your soft hand,

Electrified I felt then,

Poor Ophelia! [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

A rose she is,

A child in heart,

Why is there a thorn,
Next to the rose?
What is the purpose?
Can it really protect the rose?

Be The Sky! [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Be the sky!
Just be it,
Hold all the beauties within,
Be the source of love and joy!

The Seeker [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

"Where is heaven? " asks the seeker,
Courteously to the saint,
Waiting for the answer the seeker himself replies,
It must be in the sky!


The night was like that of the silk,
So soft as the cat's body,
For me she was waiting,
To go and fondle her crazily!


Some amongst us are involved in sex,
For the sake of reproduction,
Yet sex is an addiction to many,
Like that of the heroin!

Forgive Me God! [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Forgive me god!
For all the sins I committed,
Both consciously and mistakenly,
Please have mercy on me!

A Disturbing Soul [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Utterly disturbed she is,
She even agitates the surrounding,
The people, air, the birds and so on,
Depression she must be in!

Watery [sexual Unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

My mouth gets watery,
Every time I see,
Her sparkling nude body,
Lying on the bed sexily!

When I saw her at first,
Rather unmindful I was,
But at the second sight,
I simply fell in love with her!

The tender hillocks in your bosom,
Make me captivated like a hypnotised soul,
Every time them I see!
Oh, I cannot help it, you know!


The night is only a night,
Without you by my side,
The night turns into a magic,
Once in my arms you I hold!


Here you are!
Naked as the moon,
Beautiful as Aphrodite,
Luscious as Cleopatra!


You have locked the celestial door up for years,
So impatient I am to unlock,
Since I have the key you know!
Would you let me open willingly or not?

I discovered a river,
When your bare waist I saw!
Just like the Padma,
The curves were!

You are beautifully painted by the Creator,
Perfect, awesome, gorgeous, sexy,
O I am running out of adjectives now,
Believe me, simply magical you are!

Time Of Time [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

The time of ‘time' has come,
The time that is apt,
And ripe like a mango,
The time to do and be known!


We are destined to meet,
We are destined to love,
We are destined to live forever,
We are destined to be happy!

A Whore [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Naive like an angel I thought of her,
In truth a filthy whore she is,
I loved her but she pretended to love me,
All she sucked from me was money!


We passed a day worth remembering,
There was joy, there was laughter,
A shawl of comfort and warmth,
Covered us all under the same roof!

The moon walked on the street!
The same fair glow,
That I witnessed from the earth,
Was there with her!

They surprised me once again!
On my birthday,
I was so overwhelmed,
Like an unexpected prize-winner!

A New Year [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Another year has just passed by,
Leaving endless memories behind,
A new year is waiting merrily to greet,
New memories to find!

Talk Beautifully [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Talk beautifully like the dialogues in the films,
Do not make the hearts bleed,
By throwing harsh words as pointed stones,
Reveal a beautiful mind as you move along!

The Earth Moves [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

The earth moves around the sun,
Just like a point of the compass,
Creating a circle time and again,
It goes on and on…

One cannot please everybody!
So true it is!
If you endeavour to change society,
Some will support, some will not!


Let the universe know!
Of our love affair!
Let the stars, the planets and all else rejoice,
Let them shine more in our praise!

Open Your Heart [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Open your heart,
Just hold my hand and say,
"I love you"!
I will be your world then!

Love he hates, hatred he loves!
Iago, the Mephistopheles!
A heartless hyena,
The sly serpent of the Garden of Eden!

Iago = I Am Ego [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Iago = ‘I' ‘a'm e‘go'!
Perfect name for a perfect egoistic devil!
Only destruction he seeks,
In wreck, delight he finds!

Kun Faya Kun [unrhymed Poetenry: Poems Of Ten Lines]

Kun faya kun,
"Be", He says,
And "it is",
Such is His supremacy!


I do anticipate that my 'poetenry',
In the world of poetry,
Shall be a fine addition,
A matter of sensation.

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