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Yes, I too feel pain
Piercing thousands draggers
Millions cinders rain
It's more than that of beggars

What is love? I think I know
Let me strive to make you realize
Where it breeds and when it flies
To seek it where should you go?

Oh! Please no more silly line
Just stop saying mine or thine
Frontiers only make us mourn
Why this fury? why we scorn?

They say thou exist in palm's lines
And make one's life pettier than hay
It's thy grace that someone shines
While one other longs for a single ray

When failures give you pain
And this society leaves you alone
Your relatives too change their tone
And call you a loser and an insane

The birds seem so cool and fresh
Morning gives them amazing zest
A new challenge they want to crash
A new chance to prove them best

Laughing and laughing for no cause
Moving and moving but no pause
Just treating same whether gold or hay
Being mad o world! Isn't child's play

These rituals, customs and duties
But Were made for social securities
But now thou seem tightening thy chain
Like opium thou benumbed every brain

Love is they say a feeling of heart
Love is they say God's eternal art
Love is they say purer than purest
Love is they say better than best

May all be happy!
May all be healthy!
May all be free from pain!
May Thy mercy on all rain!

just dedicating the few lines O Women! for you
In God's divine creation, You are but among few
So kind, So patient, ever soothing like moon's ray
So indebted we are, Alas! no way is there to repay

O Almighty! Thou were in that particle
In the form of eternal, blissful energy
Isn't this growing universe Thy miracle
Such millions universes lie on Thy mercy

Yes, I do think it's almost impossible
To overcome the habits, thou victim are
Such miracles come but when Gods will
Or nothing has might to make them bar

In the absence of any hopeful ray
Hungry of both bread and content
A jobless lad thus made his way
Towards a so called insane saint

Just reached here few days ago
Shuddering with fear and pain
With fierce visions of land below
Of being mangled by wolves insane

Live in my heart, O great Swami!
Just drag this creature to Thee
Once again address me as lion
And say all powers are but mine

O great saint with an amazing soul!
Wandering just like a common man
As a diamond hidden among but coals
Enlightening all as many as thou can

With numb brain and dim sight
I strive to see beyond thy curtain
And want to know beyond the night
I doubt whether the morn is certain

Once sitting lonely in a sunny noon
I thought calmly of life and its pace
And shocked to see its ceaseless race
How a life's dawn turns into the moon

I had gone almost very far
And a suffocating fierce war
Where everyone seemed in haste
And no work ever gave any taste

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To My Goal

Yes, I too feel pain
Piercing thousands draggers
Millions cinders rain
It's more than that of beggars
Who beg but never gain

My mind isn't really calm
It mourns too when alone
To soothe it seems no psalm
Quite fatigued am I in tone
And pleasures almost gone

Just listen O Goddess of destiny!
Once diamond too lived like coal
Keep sending millions pains to me
Still I will keep shuffling to my goal

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Naveen tholiya 04 May 2020

Sir you are best English teacher miss you sir in 2018 I was in class 7E where you teach English

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