Muzahidul Reza Prose Poems

Many people in the world are eagerly willing to help
The natural calamities, poverties and manmade
Dangers, cruelties affected people
But they do not find whom and where to help,

Man Of Earth In Color And Art (Prose Poem)

Direct clay was turned into required elements
parts, sections, groups, classes in proportion
to set in every function in as pottery style,
osteoblasts turned into bones to form the cage,

Knowledge Confined In Paper (Prose Poem)

Sharpening the cells in cerebrum and cerebellum
Through meditation, arts, knowledge and strategy
With emotion, motion of sad and happy persons
From the history up to date and the moving pages


Leave such stupidity of forcefully violating, grasping and abusing the power,
Leave such inhumanity of illegally snatching the rights of other,
Leave such mentality of backing to the ancient caves of terror and horror;

Birds The Unique Creatures In Nature (Prose Poem)

Since early in the morning the birds start singing
Twitting, whistling, flying, jumping
Near my window and in open nature
They wake me up to enjoy the nature;

The Limerick For Prose Poem Writer

The Limerick For Prose Poem Writer
February 9, 2020