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[To my love, my light: Madox...]

My love for You, Son
Is no different today



Robed with my Glance
Sits a man with Like mind

Breathe I feel his Self saying

Adjusted to named
forced to play


You with nothing as you say
You with everything
You with the power that took
You without power but position


Blades of emerald
Glistening with diamond light
Sun and dew unite

He trashed
Then bagged me
Soon after
I was sent Standing

What Formality
Falls my Informality
Classify it

Getting back to
My Form
Getting away from
The Pervading Of

Last spent in bloodied high heels
at that Gallery of wine
on top of his desire.
Speaking in false voice,

Spell of Truth
Eager for Casting


To my right
A gamer
To my right front
A distraught

Stripped of Center,
Fat with superior skills:
To earn, gather and plant.
Dignity, Humanity and Honor -

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[To my love, my light: Madox...]

My love for You, Son
Is no different today
than it was the moment
You became inside me-

I am Nothing more than
an empty Shell without You.

My distance is only to
Protect You
from what follows me.

O’ what a scare my Eyes will give You.
For my Soul’s been taped;
but not before being raped.
The mending takes time
and I will not have You staring,
Eye to Eye
While I fight to recover
my smiling Eyes.

Stop Your Searching
for ‘Mama‘s Car’-
or [i]Me.[/i]

I begged God
to have pity upon me.
With his Mercy,
He spared Your
Sacred Soul
from All - or any

[i] Or so I Force myself to Believe.[/i]

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Jerry Hughes 17 October 2009

I like your style Quin, it's a bit like my 'less is more' way of writing, have a read of my work. Fondly, Jerry Hughes

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Raymond Rivera 06 October 2009

Quin Faas, I am hardly a poet either but you have a knack for words. Keep writing and I will continue to try to decipher what you are trying to say. And thanks for the kind word!

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