Whistle Poem by Quin Faas


Rating: 5.0

Robed with my Glance
Sits a man with Like mind

Breathe I feel his Self saying
Breathe I hear Myself writing

Instinctively he covers his Brow
With the All Colors Fedora

Breathe I feel his Self fighting
Breathe I hear Myself scribing

Breathe I feel Myself fighting
Breathe I hear his Self scribing

Reach Me
Reach Me

He pulls off his Disguise
I feel the man is Blind

Breathe with Me
Breathe with Me

Take me In
I’m Asking

Breathe I feel Myself implore
Breathe I hear his Self explore

Take me In
Not Asking

Discover my Eyes
Discover my Eyes

Seeking The Breath of We

Spiritwind Wood 12 October 2009

Wow! ! You write so beautifully, every word, every motion-you feel it all.you keep me wanting to read more-as beautiful as you-20++++

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David Scott 04 November 2009

This is incredible, Quin. I enjoyed this very much! A very exciting piece of writing.

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Anthony Welles 26 October 2009

1st I'd like to say thank you for your comment... 2nd When I read a piece of art whether its one of mine or someone else's if I can't feel anything I don't like it, when I read this I felt something and I like it a lot. Very interesting choice of words you used that helped me create a picture.Going under my favorites. Anthony...

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D.D Sherman 17 October 2009

such a beautiful poem, i can definitely feel the tension, passion and sensuality.

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Philip Winchester 13 October 2009

Fine Piece Quin, You are a Great Wordsmith, Grinding an a beating out the images. Yes another +10. Your Pal Anytime. Philip Thanks again for your kind comments ' Wrote you 'Woman Kind' t`otherday, hope you liked it.

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Raymond Rivera 13 October 2009

Dang it, Quin. You're writing hits home so hard it's unbelievable. When I read these, I wish someone would write about me in such a way... This is just so beautiful which is funny because I (semi) firmly believe that 'love stinks' Yet this poems makes me long for it.... Great, amazing, superb, fantastic writing.

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