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Sailor, trucker, Son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, writer of song lyric, poetry and jingles. Will work for hire. Member of BMI.

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Moments Of Grace

My mindset is get there, planning four days ahead
The details and timing, spinning round in my head
One more show, the logistics… those traffic delays
I'll be driving all night and it's getting late

Touched By An Angel

He was riding the range, he was mending his fences
Thinking about women and love and bad luck
Dark clouds began rising just like his resentments
It started to rain as a lightning bolt struck

The Way

Eighteen wheels, young and crazy
Your picture was framed on my dash
Though you hated my truck
My focus was squarely on cash

Three Million Miles

Eighteen wheels... young and crazy
Your picture was framed on my dash
If it seemed like a waste
My focus was squarely on cash


Folks liquor stole my life from me
When I was just a child
And no one knew, not even me
That a craving drove me wild

R.J. Wynn Quotes

30 December 2014

Freedom is liberty delivered.

26 January 2015

We are the Constitution.

17 February 2015

Freedom is the engine of the future.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 15 October 2021

Congratulations being chosen by Poem Hunter and Editors as The Poet Of The Day.

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Patricia Grantham 08 July 2013

Robert has a gifted way with words. His poems are spiritually uplifting and gratifying. They can evoke a sudden burst of laughter or cause a flow of emotions to erupt. I am truly thankful that we have crossed paths through our poetry. A great Poet you are Bob.

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Neela Nath Das 20 May 2013

I agree.He has brilliant spark and can focus light on any theme, humorous or serious.He is a philosopher.Magnetic in a word.Wish him all the best.

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