Rachel Brewer

Rookie (28/01/1991 / Maidstone)

Rachel Brewer Poems

1. Come Back To Me 2/4/2009
2. Don'T Change 2/4/2009
3. Escape 2/4/2009
4. Flying Free 2/4/2009
5. Friends 2/4/2009
6. I Wandered 2/4/2009
7. I Went To Your Funeral 2/4/2009
8. It's Only Life 2/4/2009
9. My Heart 2/4/2009
10. Rise Or Fall 2/4/2009
11. Silence 2/4/2009
12. The Cage 2/4/2009
13. The Day Your Heart Stopped 2/4/2009
14. What's The Point 2/4/2009
15. I Promise 2/4/2009
16. I Could Breathe 2/6/2009
17. Wake Me Up When It's Over 2/6/2009
18. Welcome To The End 2/6/2009
19. Everything Burns 2/6/2009
20. The Person I Need To Be 2/6/2009
21. I Hope You Get What You Deserve 2/6/2009
22. The Wind Whispers 2/11/2009
23. I Didn'T Want To Be There 2/16/2009
24. Sky 2/16/2009
25. I Should Have Told You 3/2/2009
26. It's Better This Way 3/2/2009
27. Dying 3/16/2009
28. Only Now 3/16/2009
29. I Felt It 3/18/2009
30. A Face 3/18/2009
31. Why Can'T They Hear Me? 3/18/2009
32. Do Yourself A Favour 3/18/2009
33. Take You By The Hand 3/18/2009
34. I Stood Over Your Grave This Morning 2/3/2009
35. Nobody Special 2/3/2009
36. The Angel 2/3/2009
37. Open Your Eyes 2/3/2009
38. Our World Is Broken 2/3/2009
39. Always 2/4/2009
40. Fear Is In The Mind 3/24/2009

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Best Poem of Rachel Brewer

Am I Evil?

Am I evil,
For having these thoughts in my head.?
Am I evil,
For thinking things of dread?
Am I evil,
For not believing what you do?
Am I evil,
For ripping people in two?
Am I evil,
For simply speaking my mind?
Am I evil,
For leaving you behind?
Am I evil,
For trying to do things right?
Am I evil,
For giving you a fright?
Am I evil,
For leaving you alone in life?
Am I evil,
For not wanting to be your wife?
Am I evil,
For doing the things I do?
Am I evil,
Hang on, why am I asking you?

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The Angel

An angel came to me in the night, and asked me to dance.
The angel wanted to save me, save my soul.
The angel asked me if I would die tonight.
He said he could take away all of my pain.
The music played quietly in my ear, as we danced in the moonlight.
I asked him about heaven, he didn’t reply.
I asked him about hell, he didn’t reply.
Then the music stopped, all the music stopped.
Silence flooded my mind, darkness crept in.

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