Rachel Brewer

Rookie (28/01/1991 / Maidstone)

Rachel Brewer Poems

1. Come Back To Me 2/4/2009
2. Don'T Change 2/4/2009
3. Escape 2/4/2009
4. Flying Free 2/4/2009
5. Friends 2/4/2009
6. I Wandered 2/4/2009
7. I Went To Your Funeral 2/4/2009
8. It's Only Life 2/4/2009
9. My Heart 2/4/2009
10. Rise Or Fall 2/4/2009
11. Silence 2/4/2009
12. The Cage 2/4/2009
13. The Day Your Heart Stopped 2/4/2009
14. What's The Point 2/4/2009
15. I Promise 2/4/2009
16. I Could Breathe 2/6/2009
17. Wake Me Up When It's Over 2/6/2009
18. No One Sees Me 2/6/2009
19. What If 2/6/2009
20. Welcome To The End 2/6/2009
21. Everything Burns 2/6/2009
22. The Person I Need To Be 2/6/2009
23. I Hope You Get What You Deserve 2/6/2009
24. The Wind Whispers 2/11/2009
25. I Didn'T Want To Be There 2/16/2009
26. Sky 2/16/2009
27. I Should Have Told You 3/2/2009
28. It's Better This Way 3/2/2009
29. Dying 3/16/2009
30. Only Now 3/16/2009
31. I Felt It 3/18/2009
32. A Face 3/18/2009
33. Why Can'T They Hear Me? 3/18/2009
34. Do Yourself A Favour 3/18/2009
35. Take You By The Hand 3/18/2009
36. I Stood Over Your Grave This Morning 2/3/2009
37. Nobody Special 2/3/2009
38. The Angel 2/3/2009
39. Open Your Eyes 2/3/2009
40. Our World Is Broken 2/3/2009
Best Poem of Rachel Brewer

Am I Evil?

Am I evil,
For having these thoughts in my head.?
Am I evil,
For thinking things of dread?
Am I evil,
For not believing what you do?
Am I evil,
For ripping people in two?
Am I evil,
For simply speaking my mind?
Am I evil,
For leaving you behind?
Am I evil,
For trying to do things right?
Am I evil,
For giving you a fright?
Am I evil,
For leaving you alone in life?
Am I evil,
For not wanting to be your wife?
Am I evil,
For doing the things I do?
Am I evil,
Hang on, why am I asking you?

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I wish you were still here with me,
Still here to listen to my thoughts and feelings.
You cared when no one else did,
You bothered to notice me and you thought the world of me.
I can’t believe you’re not going to walk through the door and say ‘hello’
I can’t believe I never get to see you smile again, and that you will never make me smile again,
Although I know in my heart that you are never truly gone,
Your music will play forever in my heart,
We will be close always in mind and so

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