Rachel Brewer Poems

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Am I Evil?

Am I evil,
For having these thoughts in my head.?
Am I evil,
For thinking things of dread?

Bullet Proof

You may think you can do anything.
You may think you’re the most powerful person in the world.
You may even think you can walk through fire,
But in the end,

Beautiful Things

The most beautiful things in life,
Can come out of the strangest places.
They aren’t always the most obvious things,
That’s why people need to look for them.

Pumpkin Patch

I dare you to prance across the pumpkin patch,
And see if you get a fright.
It’s a very creepy place to be,
Especially in the dead of night.

Shine Your Light

You shine your light on me,
All the time, every day.
And I feel it all the time.
You shine on me and make me great.

Kill Me, Kill Me Now

Kill me, kill me now.
Because my life isn’t worth the wait.
I ask you, to end my life,
So I don’t go through the pain,

Where The Wild Things Are

Do you want to know where the wild things are?
If you do, come with me now.
If you don’t, why are you here?

Leaving Town Alive

You shouldn’t have come back,
All those things you did,
All those years ago.

Let Me Sleep

Let me sleep.
I just want to be numb,
And feel nothing.
So please let me sleep.

No One Sees Me

I walk all alone, all the time,
I don’t know what else to do.
No one sees me,