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Think what a remarkable,
Unduplicateable and Miraculous thing, it's to be you!
Of all people who are to come,
And have gone from this Earth,

Its yo' birthday,
I wanna wish u,
This day, its somehow special,
its yo' birthday,

I'm on my way coming to you,
Bringing my birthday gift,
Two packs of blue candles,
A letter to Mom and dad,

You ignited on my tousled mane,
And I can feel the heat from your hell,
Then, and now all I can is

Oh! During the nights and days,
When the twilight and dawn,
Silent wandering, I go on,

You asked if you could call me,
And I gave you my numbers,
You asked to could see me,
And I gave you my address,

I won't intende go the same road
My friends took
Sellin' drugs for a dough
Outta there's a world I wanna see

Happy birthday!
Everything can be in balance for you,
This day with your feet solidly planted where you want to be,
Be true to your deepest feelings,

Thought I'd found my true,
Online friend, I'm skeptic,
Sorry, I'm sorry, If I wronged unknowingly,
I'm sorry,

I give you one more chance,
To say how much you want me back,
Oh! Will you gimme one chance
To say baby I'm sorry,

This is my gift to
My sister true.

Collected all the cheets

At teyms, I wndoer waht maeks
you spaeicl
The simle, the tusrt, or the way u crae
At tmies, I wnoedr waht maeks you

I clean my eyes before,
I sleep, to,
See ma dream very clear,
I sleep with shades on,


One step at a time,
make another step foreward,
pain to joy and happiness
in me to forget the past,

'O Allah Akbar,
Of all the nights,
The night of the nights,
The night of destiny,

Look into my eyes and then tell me,
Tell me what is it you see,
This picture of love endlessly
And it's framing you and I,

I wish you lie to me again
That you loved me, this day!
It gave me pain, pain in my soul
When I found out that I couldn't talk

Something you may give,
A friend and a noveler too,
It seems that when you give
It, Given back to you,

Mom, I love you unpredictably,
And miss you so much,
Nobody can understand that
More than you.

Raheem Lyttle Kiyaga Biography

Born Raheem Lyttle Kiyaga on 22nd-October-1991 to prince Mbogo Abdul Nsimbi and Miss Aisha Nakato of Kampala Uganda. He's a renowned poet, lyricist, author/writer and bloggerby his online publications and in international anthologies, home and the rest of the world. He also wrote for the Commonwealth writers competition 2013.He's a performing spokenword artist, Screenwriter and film director. The most amazing thing about his repertoires and writing, he says; " I do this artistry but it is not technical like most of my other writer friends" .He's never sat in aby of the literature/creative writing class to perfection his earning career and passion.)

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You'Re Unique!

Think what a remarkable,
Unduplicateable and Miraculous thing, it's to be you!
Of all people who are to come,
And have gone from this Earth,
Since the begininng of time,
Not one of them is like you!
No one who has ever lived or,
To come has had your combination!
Of abilities, Talents, appearance, friends,
Acquistances, burdens, sorrows and opportunities,
No one's finger prints are like yours,
No one prays about exactly
The same concerns as you,
No one is loved by same combination of,
People that love you.....
No one, you're absolutely unique!

Enjoy the uniqueness!
You're meant to be different,
Nowhere in history will the same,
Things be going on in anyone's mind,
Soul, Spirit as one going on in yours right now,
If you didn't exist,
There would be a hole in creation,
A gap in history,
Something missing from the plan for humankind,
Treasure your uniqueness!
It's a gift only given to you,
No one can reach out to others,
In the same way you can,
No one can speak your sweet words,
No one can convey your meaning,
No one can comfort,
With your hands of solace,
No one can bring your kind of,
Understanding to another person,
No one can be cheerful,
Lighthearted and joyous in your way,
No one can smile like you whilst I'm smiling,
No one else can bring the whole
Unique impact of you to another humanbeing!
No one I can love so much like you,
No one I can show such appreciations,
Only you I can love with whole my heart,
You're unique!

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