Valsa George Rain Poems

The Song Of A Rain Drop

I am a rain drop flopped down from the clouds
I could have landed in a river or the sea
Then merging with the rising and receding tides
I would have been washed down into oblivion

A Rain Washed Red Rose

One red rose stays blushing in my garden
I caught a glimpse of it in the early dawn
On the carpet of green, as a lovely dame it does sway
Flashing hues of contrast on a dull monsoon day

After The Rain

After an hour’s incessant rain
On this cloudless evening
With the face of the sky
Washed clean

Night Rain

Night rain
like love never told
pours down
in darkness,

Summer Rain

Outside it rains
Sitting in my porch I watch,
The elements mix and mingle
Kneading the pulverized dust

The Rain And The Exodus

The afternoon was excessively humid
The Earth seemed a seething hot furnace
Dark clouds were gathering overhead
Lightning drew fluorescent patterns in the sky

Dance To The Music Of Rain

I hear the wind howling
I see the trees shuddering
I watch the birds fleeing
I notice the sky darkening

A Free Gift After A Rain

Lo! A spectrum of colours
in the misty cerulean sky
God's benevolent gift
graciously bestowed

Drops Of Rain

Into the horrid heat of my summer
You fall as drops of rain
The broken bangles I treasure
Fall down and crack into still smaller bits

Haiku Series- Summer Rain

Dark clouds gather round
They rush and collide in the sky
Igniting fireworks

Five Liner. Rain

Clouds gather over the far reaches of the sky
Rain pelts down in needles of silver
The Earth is tickled by the pin pricks
Dormant dreams resurrect