Rajeswari A V

Rookie (29-01-1984 / Kerala)

Rajeswari A V Poems

1. A Silent Chant For Someone 8/18/2006
2. In Dismay 8/18/2006
3. Once More 8/22/2006
4. Love....Part 2 10/17/2006
5. We... 12/18/2006
6. Bye 2/26/2007
7. Restrained Song 5/13/2009
8. A Few Lines 5/18/2009
9. Dream Demons 6/29/2009
10. Morning Musing 7/6/2009
11. Like A Light Rain 11/28/2013
12. In Search Of.... 5/8/2007
13. My Kitchen 6/29/2009
14. Sweet Onam Memories 8/30/2006
15. Let Me Relax 8/18/2006
16. A Bird's Wait 7/7/2009
17. The Song Of Night 7/3/2009
18. Hope 8/18/2006
19. U Returned At Last! ! ! ! 9/8/2006
20. Love In Silence 11/1/2007
21. Love...Part 1 10/10/2006
22. Heart Murmurs..... 9/26/2006
23. Ecstasy 8/17/2006
24. Will U Read My Story? 8/28/2006
Best Poem of Rajeswari A V

Will U Read My Story?

I was once an empty pot
Desolate and so graceless
Choked with enormous load
Despite being waterless

Never worried to pay even a gaze,
Those who went past my spot
Being unaware of my ever-strong desire
To be cared and softly stroked

Once heard an odd foot step
That put a tremor down my void
And made my senses get up
And catch that vibrant voice

It was too divine and potent,
The spirited and the sweetest
To break up my rough shell
And to light up my dull soul

I wondered at this new bliss
The sense of a new birth,
The ...

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Once More

I vowed never to mull over you
Never to let my eyes look for you
Never to throw my smile at you
And never to have even a word with u
Dissolved the whole resolve
The moment you took pains
To regard my grievance, then
To listen to my meaningful sighs
Having a lot to utter

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