Ralph O'Grantson Poems

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Just a second, no a minute, maybe more
With Him I wish to spend eternity
His touch is golden, so uplifting, hands so strong
Im sure he is my destiny

Him...No...Him (2)

Still no answer
No sign of music
Full with anger
I watch time tick

Hurrying Off In A Hurry

Hurrying off in a hurry
The damsel left the cottage
Nelly had gobbled up nearly
The bread and sizzling porridge

Kaila George

Into the womb i was birth
Put me back
Love from no one I get, like a slave black
They eat me up like a quick snack

Runaway Love

I love you, i know i do
Take my hand let's run away
Under the pale lit moon
All through the sun lit day

Goddess Of Beauty

Eyes wild enough to tame the wild
your lips ripe as the berries in June
i touch your skin to realize how mild
one needs a cradle to handle you


i have to go back
they render too many lashes to my back
the chains and shackles bind me
on this foreign land i cannot be me


awwww what a wonderful day
i roll over and there she is
starring at the skyline with her bright smile

Double Entendre Lover

she fed me with the sweetest of poisons
she bathe me in the warmest cyanide
she clothed me with wool that felt like pins
yet it was love to me

My Baby

shhh...there's nothing realer
how do you play my life so perfectly
sweet sound like a river
oh your awesome melody

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