Him...No...Him (2) Poem by Ralph O'Grantson

Him...No...Him (2)

Rating: 5.0

Still no answer
No sign of music
Full with anger
I watch time tick

Then what's this? what's this?
A sweet scenting work of art
A sudden twist in his kiss
Soothes my heavy laden heart

Looks at me in a different way
With cherish, passion and care
Elements of love come to play
Lifting me high in the air

It was he that was first
But what about the late comer
Looking right then left
Choosing just grows harder

The poor young dame draws nigh to her conclusion.
I'm still following up and will keep you abreast with the progress.
i had thought it will all end in this second poem but unfortunately we will need to wait a bit longer.
Kasia Fedyk 05 July 2012

Another bravo, Ralph I just love your style and your vision! Fantastic!

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Roong S 05 July 2012

wow...i love this! so will have to wait for him...no..him (3)

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Kaila George 05 July 2012

OMG Ralph! ! ! there s more...smiles... shakes head I love this...intresting....its quite brillant really. Cant wait to read more.

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Darkangel Flyfree 05 July 2012

I like it! Wonder who the poor young dame will choose, can not wait for the conclusion! Nicely written Ralph! ! !

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Precious Okidika 06 July 2012

i like the rhyme scheme but still prefer the first.

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Hnt Var 19 September 2012

Every poem that I read of you, seems to leave me baffled! Very nice write!

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Jane Trott 25 July 2012

Oh, it's very interesting. I'll wait.

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David Gerardino 11 July 2012

i can see the words, , very good.you might wont to work on the last line...........

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Pranab K Chakraborty 07 July 2012

...need to wait a bit longer.....yes. Run long...write more...

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Urshula Davis 06 July 2012

This is fantastic! ! I love your way of telling a story in poetry! !

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