Hurrying Off In A Hurry Poem by Ralph O'Grantson

Hurrying Off In A Hurry

Rating: 5.0

Hurrying off in a hurry
The damsel left the cottage
Nelly had gobbled up nearly
The bread and sizzling porridge
Barely had he filled his belly
She flew in like a partridge
Sorry forgive me I'm sorry
Tears flowing like a sewage
Marry you? No I can't marry
A peasant who only sells cabbage
She poisoned the dame and confessed in shame
Hurrying off in a hurry

A young lady forced into marriage by her parents, poisons her husband to be and flees the town.
(hurrying off in a hurry)
Kaila George 05 July 2012

I love it Ralph its a really good write..smiles mind if I ask you to check out my poem The Swan Song...its a poets version of The ugly little duckling. Tell me what you think. Quite sad and so, how do you say it...snobbish I think of the women in a look down at the poor peasant that sells cabbage.

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Roong S 05 July 2012

oh..its really sad.. very well expressed Ralph! !

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Claudia Krizay 05 July 2012

Excellent poem- I really enjoyed this- thank you for sharing it with me- CAK

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Claudia Krizay 05 July 2012

Very powerful and suspenseful- I enjoyed reading this very much- thanks for your invitation to read it- Claudia Krizay

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Kasia Fedyk 05 July 2012

Omg this is so great Ralph I love it!

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Hnt Var 19 September 2012

A very nice tale told in poetic form. Well done!

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Briana Knight 09 July 2012

I love how you made a complete story in all but a paragraph. *giggles* I long to create something to solid yet short. Bravo unto thee! ! !

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Valerie Dohren 06 July 2012

Great story expressed through great poetry - very good write.

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Urshula Davis 06 July 2012

This is another masterpiece! ! I'm so entertained by your stories inside of poetry! !

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Darkangel Flyfree 05 July 2012

Awe that is so sad! I love it Ralph! ! !

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