Culture Poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Can rules or tutors educate
The semigod whom we await?
He must be musical,
Tremulous, impressional,
Alive to gentle influence
Of landscape and of sky,
And tender to the spirit-touch
Of man's or maiden's eye:
But, to his native centre fast,
Shall into Future fuse the Past,
And the world's flowing fates in his own mould recast.

Susan Williams 02 March 2016

The demigod of his times is certainly different from the heroes of our times- Rambo and Dirty Harry. One doesn't think of our heroes in terms of sophistication, music, sensitivity, education. ,

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Kim Barney 02 March 2016

You said it very well, Susan..

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Dominic Windram 29 November 2019

I agree Susan.....Emerson seems to have someone like Oscar Wilde in mind.

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Nattawat Wannapanop 09 November 2016

What culture is this poem from

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Forozan azizi 14 December 2020

I’m from Afghanistan

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Kingsley Egbukole 29 November 2019

Beautifully captured in few words. Thanks for sharing.

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Andrew Blakemore 29 November 2019

An excellent example of Emerson's work

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Savita Tyagi 29 November 2019

And the world’s flowing tales in his own mound recast.......lines to remember.

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Ramesh T A 29 November 2019

Culture is sure inclusive of all best things in life suitable from the past to the present and also future indeed! Briefly the Poet says all about culture very well!

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Sanni ike 18 February 2022


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