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Death worth dying
Life worth living
Love worth loving
Dreams worth coming true

To derive joy out of the silver
She would laugh and dance around
The silver lake

You look so caring
Have you ever stole
Something in your life?
If not, I hope that

If being with you worth blood
I'm ready to fight
If being with you worth a marathon
I'm prepared to take on Caster Semenya

Under some circumstances
Easy becomes hard
Light becomes dark
Love becomes work

Over the years
I've been walking down this path
Surrounded by infallible people
It's been hard to disperse myself from the environment I grew up in

Days and nights constantly changes,
So does seasons
I wake up everyday,
When roses go bloomy

If you are a moon,
I'll watch you every night before I sleep
If you are water,
I'll drink you each and everyday


A 7 years Karabo is still under the guardian of his parent
He always asks for money so he can buy some snacks, sweets...
Every time he comes from school
He gather with his friends and play

I have every right to feel aggrieved
Love is forbidden from the enemy
Only hatred has been achieved
You'll find this in the elegy


Dear Jehovah
Lord here i am
I come as nothing in front of your eyes
I'm just a man, an ordinary man who knows not where he's going

I was told to live like it's my last
To party like there's no tomorrow
I don't have future now
Life ran so fast


You left me blue
Most came and swam
Waves going up and down
Rivers flowing towards me

I'm so tired to crawl
If I have to walk
I'm so tired to walk
If I don't know where I'm going

I am the poor,
I am a shame to everyone
I am a docile child for I have nothing
I've been growling from within, even since I lost both of them

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Feelings and trust,
Can each buy love
Faith and loyalty,
Can keep it much longer

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