Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...2... Poem by Rhymer Rhymer

Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...2...

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Our monsoon is outstanding for naturality
the frogs croak all the days and nights in the rain
the air is chilly moistered and people are seen with umbrella
sometimes it is raining hard and sometimes drizzles the whole day
days are hazy and damp in the house we need lamp
it becomes difficult for the office goers to get the bus but worst to get back
schools are open but attendances are not satisfactory in the remote village areas
rivers over flow their banks and in some areas boat is the only communication
cultivators are busy in the fields with sickles
the rickshaw pullers are on the road in the midst of rain
they are seen wrapping heads with polythin paper as caps
village markets are in the open fields spreading polythin canopy
buyings and sellings are open in the rain
in the rain fishes are so cheap as there is abundance of catching
people like to stay at home and sleep whoever gets some chances
sometimes roads and high ways go under water for the flood
it is a habit of us to eat khichuri /gruel during rain to keep body warm
in the midst of all problems none is unhappy here
the kodom trees are rain drenched with flowers
boats are moving full of jackfruits
boys are playing football in the rain
some are catching fishes nets and hooks
in the corner of the schools or markets or bus stands
or other public places you will see some gathering of playing cards
the tea stalls are still high selling
but difficult arises when cowboys don't get opportunity to manage foods for the animals
the most attractive scene in the ditch or lakes are white or colorful lilies
people take slumber covering their heads to foot with wrapper or katha

Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...2...
Dr Antony Theodore 20 May 2018

the frogs, the chill air, raindrops falling on the lotus leaf and rolling like diamonds shining in the sun, eating eat khichuri /gruel, kodom trees, Jack fruits, playing football in the rain, tea, markets, roads. see how i analaysed your poem.. thank u for your heart warming poem.. and the pleasant flower.. God bless u. tony

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Rus Mer 20 May 2018

dr tony brahmin, really you have painted the pic that was visible, tanks a lot for youe dazzling superb comments

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Robert Murray Smith 10 May 2018

A beautiful poem that paints a wonderful land.+++10

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Rus Mer 10 May 2018

honorable poet, thank you

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 May 2018

A haunting expression has been made on rainy season at Bangladesh. Yeh., Bangladesh is an enchanting land. Beautiful poem. Tfs.

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Rus Mer 10 May 2018

honorable neighbor, thanks a lot

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Rhymer Rhymer

Rhymer Rhymer

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