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Garden Of Death (Recommended)

In the garden of death,
I stand tall.
My head held high,
Where all hope usually falls.

Blink Of An Eye

The birds chirped.
The sun laughed.
In the blink of an eye,
It all passed.

Dilemma (Recommended)

I stand at the edge of the crossroads,
Oh, what is this dilemma?
Do I pick the path of blood?
Or do I pick the path of thorns?

Remember The Time

Remember the time,
When we sat on my bed.
Talked about time spent together,
As you stroked my head.

Mist Of My Agony (Recommended)

I try to remove the black curtains,
I try to shatter the black glass.
I long for the light to touch my skin.
I long for it to remove the crisp coat of the dark.

Ridah Ellahi Comments

Sharjeel Shahid 05 December 2009

your newest fan...God your writings once read, leaves the reader stunned for a while, lost in some thoughts. Very good job Ridah. Keep it going! thumbs up.

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