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In the garden of death,
I stand tall.
My head held high,
Where all hope usually falls.

The birds chirped.
The sun laughed.
In the blink of an eye,
It all passed.

I stand at the edge of the crossroads,
Oh, what is this dilemma?
Do I pick the path of blood?
Or do I pick the path of thorns?

Remember the time,
When we sat on my bed.
Talked about time spent together,
As you stroked my head.

I try to remove the black curtains,
I try to shatter the black glass.
I long for the light to touch my skin.
I long for it to remove the crisp coat of the dark.

My heart stops beating,
My breath clogs in my throat,
When she touches you,
Like you have always been hers to hold.

These eyes don’t cry for me,
They can see the path you’re walking on.
They cry because they can see your destiny.
They can see the raging storm.

A mother watches,
As the child she gave birth to,
Breathes his last,

There is a brave soldier,
Who fights with all his might.
Ready to sacrifice anything.
Ready to welcome the white light.

I still remember the way,
I held you close to me.
In every word you sad,
I heard a symphony.

She lies under the starry sky,
And closes her eyes tight.
Trying to fight back her tears.
It takes all her might.

I close my eyes,
I block my ears,
But that is not enough.
How do I break free,

The cold hand from the darkness,
Lands on my icy skin.
Talks to me about life,
Asks me how I’ve been.

Your sweet, caressing touch,
Washes the pain away.
I think about your melodious love,
Along with the melody, I sway.

On the empty canvas of my life,
You sketched a painting.
On the blank pages of my life’s book,
You began a story, with our beginning.


All this anger inside me,
How should I release the pain?
Just sitting back and watching,
All my tries go to vain.

The silence screams,
The tears bleed.
The wounds become raw once again.
The stillness,

In these eyes, I carry
The love we shared.
In this heart, I sow
The hope of your return.

The undying flame,
Rejoicing once again.
I burn from the inside.
The smoke curtains my eyes.

Come sit here with me,
Tell me stories of your past.
Answer the many questions,
That I do not need to ask.

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Garden Of Death (Recommended)

In the garden of death,
I stand tall.
My head held high,
Where all hope usually falls.

I take a step forward,
But my feet seem to falter.
My mind set on a goal.
My path I shall not alter.

The wind blows against my face,
Cuts my skin like a knife.
My eyes search the barren desert,
For any sign of life.

I can’t seem to look past,
All the blood that surrounds me.
Closing my eyes and trying to push it away,
But the screams have still bound me.

The shackles of thorns,
Hold me to this place.
I try to go back,
I try to find my own face.

I am lost and afraid,
Tired and alone.
The mere thought of the massacre,
Makes me shiver to my bones.

I try to let myself free,
But the chains bite deeper.
I will not let my agony show,
Won’t show that I’m weaker.

Somewhere in the distance,
I hear his sound.
But I can not see him,
There is no one around.

He calls out to me,
And I try to go near.
But I’m being strangled by something.
Something called fear.

Fear of seeing him again.
Fear of seeing him here.
Fear of having him so close,
Fear of having him so near.

I close my eyes,
And try to block his sound.
Dwelling in the darkness,
Thinking no one is around.

Finally an end to his screams.
Finally an end to his pain.
With that I stand here again,
My happiness washed and drained.

I look around,
At the thorns that decorate this place.
Everyone seemed so consumed,
Trying to win an imaginary race.

I lie here now,
With my eyes closed.
A smile on my face,
Didn’t lose, I wasn’t one of those.

Hanging on to the memory,
Of the time that is now gone.
With a sweet surrender,
I say goodbye, but not for long.

Once in the garden of death,
I had stood tall.
My head was held high,
Where hope would usually fall.

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Sharjeel Shahid 05 December 2009

your newest fan...God your writings once read, leaves the reader stunned for a while, lost in some thoughts. Very good job Ridah. Keep it going! thumbs up.

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