Rini Shibu Poems

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When you are in the midst of darkness
Where loneliness engulfs your soul
Twinges of hopelessness felt
Chirping sound of crickets heard

Galaxy Of Poetry

On that dark night when I was not able to sleep
When I wanted to escape from this earth
to a different galaxy..  I flew high and landed in this galaxy of poetry
Where I am happy and more satisfied than ever before

Heart Vs Mind

I am confused really confused
My mind says to fight for truth
And Heart says to live in harmony
The Mind sets boundaries and limitations


When you are immersed in books
And soaked with words
And nothing else seems
more interesting

Garden Of Love

Soul in the garden of love
It's like paradise on earth
Twinkling stars wrapped in black carpet
Fresh energetic buds ready to burst

Unconditional Love

You loved me when I was in your womb
You loved all the kicks inside your womb
You loved  the pain to bring me out to this world
You cried when you first heard my cry


Why this veil, show your face
Don't hide behind the window pane
Come face to face then you will win
Or people will say you are insane

Vicarious Pleasure

Saplings and trees so wild and mysterious
You took me to the magical woods
Twisted roots and mossy rocks
Enchanted my imagination


Sun drenched over the land
Through the slits in the sky
Ponds and rivers are drying
In hunger and thirst people are crying.


Your  love showers on me like the cascade of flowers
We sail in the ocean of love as your  eyes gaze into mine
Your breath on my neck is like gentle breeze wakes my soul
Your chilling kiss on my cheeks is like  dew drops on the rose petals

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