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A Carnival Of Cliffhangers

It's a vicious circle
rotating around my sun
a black beast sheds its skin
to dramatize a façade,

A Mad Man's Muse

They call me a mad man's muse
a fact I am adapted to,
a lesbian, and why is a question
for maybe I haven't known

Dear Mr/Ms Politician

Once in every five years
the blue ink tattoos
a foolish forefinger
for a promise pronounced

A Singapore Dream

The airport was a knight
in shining armour
that took me by hand
to lead me into shapes


My grandfather’s house
bears witness to the river’s anklets
drunk by its song
she entices paddy fields and dusty dribble

Rinzu Rajan Comments

Randy Hogan 19 January 2009

she is a wonderful poet...Loves God....I am happy to call her friend......and poet

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