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sunshine's gone, september is on its way
all the leaves are facing decay
my feelings seem to do the same
as i'm alone, whispering your name

Midnight Sun

our friendship was designed with nine lives
you have ruined eight and a half so far
you keep torturing me with needles and knives
but I’m not going to wear a single scar

The Howl Of The Nightingale

i looked at you, the halo faded
the day was over, the night began
we kissed, and then we parted
we were alone, and we were lying...


back then we used to be so close
i never thought any of this would change
at some points i thought i'd overdose
this feeling was everything but strange

The Cigarette After

last week she said that it had to end
i never thought we had been on the brink
but she said she didn't love me at all
my heart shattered within seconds and died

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p.a. noushad 20 December 2008

passionate poems, good.

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There has always been something about poems that fascinated me. After 'just' reading poems for some time, I begin writing poems myself sbout five years ago. I am writing poems when I have to get rid of some emotional baggage, so my poems often have a rather sad and depressing tone. I am not limiting myself to a certain style as I enjoy experimentin ...

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