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Counting the days, counting the hours,
my slowly withering white lotus,
slowly, shimmering light, extinguishing flame,
your glare will vanish in that cruel moment.

Dedicated to my mum, Juana N. Echanes, and to all mothers of the world.

Ah mother! Sweet, tender mother,
Blessed art thou, O salt of the earth,

Sought in the oceans and beneath th’earth,
So rare to find, hidden in fathomless depths,
Still that lucky discoverer sees not your true worth,
Rough beauty concealed in layers of song n’ dance,

This sonnet is dedicated to Kristin Laura Kreuk on the occasion of her birthday today, December 30th.

My shining star the silence sleeps tonight,
Keeps whispering sweet mellow dreams of you,

To the loving memory of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii my spiritual guide.

Memories are not just memories,
which happiness or sorrow bring.

How strange and mysterious!
Your charming smile makes me delirious,
Sweet enchantress you beguile my soul,
With your spell divine

Was I so blind that I forgot thee Lord?
'twas hard to find my way, 'twas hard to say,
to run across a sea of darkness t'shore,
to shed bitter tears of lost souls and fears.

This lyric poem explores the theme of platonic love for the poet persona's sweetheart with whom he's had a close relationship in his past life and happened to meet each other again in the present life. There's an implied dramatic conflict between the lady and the persona who is so desirous to possess her, knowing fully well that they can only be together in the mental and spiritual plane as this is dictated by their karma in the present life.

Of all the flowers in my Lord's garden
you came to me, O little tender bud,

This was a farewell poem that the poet persona gave to the one he once loved and would never see again.

Farewell, farewell my love,
but in my heart I hide this sorrow,

I began my journey on this train eons of years ago,
and met so many eyes, so many hands, that gave me
hope to traverse to distant lands. And met so many,
so many lovely creatures that built such rainbows of

Sometimes I see you as my child,
Sometimes I see you as my sweetheart,
And when I look into your eyes,
I see that tender and sweet smile,

Sweet and ancient lives are catching up with us,
Those golden years of our distant past,
Deep loving remembrances of another time,
Oh my sweetheart, oh beloved mine,

Oh my shining star, I look at Thee day n’ night,
Oh Light of mine; see your glow on the sky,
Shining, shining, Oh so bright,
Oh shining star that gladdens my heart,

You arrived suddenly in my life, O sweet mystery,
You brought such tender hope, such gift to know,
Know you not at all but wondering who might be,
Sweet traveler, mystery traveler – Who are thou?

Will thou be my friend till my life’s end?
Will thou pour your love like monsoon rain?
And look over me like the shining moon,
steeped in magic light ‘n mystic charm.

The Best Poem Of Roberto Echanes

In The Temple Of My Heart

Counting the days, counting the hours,
my slowly withering white lotus,
slowly, shimmering light, extinguishing flame,
your glare will vanish in that cruel moment.

Don't leave my love, remain with me,
Always going, meditating, and praying
in the temple; yet, God is witness that
I want you to pray in the temple of my heart.

I want to hold your hand, once more,
see that captivating smile that lightens my life,
I want to feel your sweet fragrance, your soft gaze,
that penetrate my woeful being, all anxieties.

Don't leave! Don't go yet!
'Cause your time hasn't come,
and I don't even want to count the days,
nor the hours;
I just want to live with you here 'n now.

I want to stop Time,
Let Today be an eternity;
I want to hold you so tight,
till I dissolve in your immensity.

No. I don't want to know, I don't want to think,
when you'd gone, how my life would be,
still, your presence breathes in my remaining days,
and I'll watch the stars flutter during my loneliness.

And I'll see you in the vastness of the cosmos,
in the wind's whisper I'll hear your name,
I'll say a prayer; I'll meditate;
your sweet memory I'll dearly keep,
in the effulgent temple of my heart.

(September 2010)

Cuento los días, cuento las horas,
mi loto blanco lentamente te marchitaras,
O luz brillante despacio te apagas,
Y en ese cruel momento tu luz se esfumara.

No te vayas amor mío! Quédate conmigo!
Siempre vas, meditas y elevas una oración,
en el templo, pero esta vez, Dios es testigo,
quiero que reces en el templo de mi corazón.

Quiero tomar tu mano una vez más,
ver tu arrobadora sonrisa que ilumina mi vida,
quiero sentir tu dulce perfume, tu suave mirada,
que penetra mi triste ser, mi ansiedad.

No te vayas, no te vayas todavía,
Porque aun no ha llegado tu día,
Y ya no quiero contar los días ni las horas,
Solo quiero vivir contigo hoy y ahora.

Quiero detener al tiempo,
que hoy se transforme en eternidad;
quiero abrazarte tan fuerte,
hasta perderme en tu inmensidad.

No, ya no quiero saber, no quiero pensar,
Cuando te hayas ido como será mi vida,
Pues aun tu presencia respirara en mis días,
Y en las noches mirare a las estrellas titilar.

Y en el inmenso vacio del cosmos te veré,
Y en el susurro del viento tu nombre escuchare;
elevare una oración y haré una meditación
y allí tu recuerdo guardare
en el iluminado templo de mi corazón.

(Translation from the original Spanish version by R. L. Echanes)

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