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Roland Cho Poems

1. Birthday Smile 4/23/2005
2. Hao Peng You 4/23/2005
3. A Farewell 4/28/2005
4. When We Know What We Want 4/10/2005
5. On Living 4/10/2005
6. A Fool’s Almanac 4/10/2005
7. Papas! 4/10/2005
8. Our Lives 4/23/2005
9. Inaudible Shouts 4/23/2005
10. Judgment Days 4/6/2005
11. Smiles 4/23/2005
12. To V.T.N. Whom I Really Love 4/23/2005
13. Battle For Life 4/23/2005
14. No Tomorrow Today! 4/28/2005
15. Rare Hug 4/28/2005
16. Mei Guo 4/6/2005
17. When Love Was ‘she’ 1/22/2010
18. To A.O Who Finds Love 1/22/2010
19. Life’s Blues 1/22/2010
20. Memories 1/22/2010
21. A Fake Storm 12/16/2011
22. My Queen 12/16/2011
23. For Being Black 12/16/2011
24. Of M.S… 12/16/2011
25. Song Of Adoration 12/16/2011
26. Lie Lie Juju-Man 12/16/2011
27. Our Nation- The State Of Mistakes 12/16/2011
28. Our Nation – A Rulers’ Playground 12/16/2011
29. Bossing The Boss 12/16/2011
30. A Song For Binzhou 12/16/2011
31. Bin Zhou 12/16/2011
32. My Own Country 12/16/2011
33. We Must Stand 12/16/2011
34. Amazing “huang He” 12/16/2011
35. Mothers In Women 4/28/2005

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Best Poem of Roland Cho

Mothers In Women

Long are their hours of labour!
Servants with no eye on the clock…
In this slow drowning aridity!
Still protesting; though no longer in tight holes!
Always hoping they’ll cope.

Subjects of mental and physical stings!
Stings from those they love, soothe and cherish.
”Sorry” is what I mean, for my own stings on her back
For a sudden shake from a sudden punch from Him.

I know she has this picture now on her floor,
Even though mine with them is still well fixed up.
True, they’re not at destination, but departure was effective!
I will push wherever ...

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A Farewell

My sweetheart, I can’t sing to you as I go.
No drum could bit the chill off my heart.
As we part, one wish will I make to you,
Hold to it as long as I have value:

Be good, sweetheart. As your love’s hunters
Get disappointments, so do you get respect.
I will return to meet you with a fresh
Heart to love, and more from my harvest.

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