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The Seventeen's

The emerald-like innermost feeling of the yore
Spreads out at the deepest part of the soul  
Shimmering with dark-green light on the other bank of time

Girl In Moonlight

___Written for William Marr's Painting-The Girl In Moonlight

By Bing Hua

I Want To Be A Bird

I want to be a bird

By Rose Lu Edited by Richard Tornello and William Marr

Midsummer Fallen Leaves

When I drove passing a small street
I saw fallen leaves drifting profusely, like rain

I Have Roses

In the garden
You present me a rose
So my heart is full of blooming roses

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Bing Hua, originally name of Lihua Lu, a popular pure-hearted Chinese-American Poetess, is currently an accountant in Maryland, USA. Advisor of China Poetry, Vice President of the Chinese Poetry Association, column poetess of many Literature websites abroad. She has authored the well-known anthology of poetry THIS IS LOVE, and ROSES BY THE STRE ...

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