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The emerald-like innermost feeling of the yore
Spreads out at the deepest part of the soul  
Shimmering with dark-green light on the other bank of time

___Written for William Marr's Painting-The Girl In Moonlight

By Bing Hua

When I drove passing a small street
I saw fallen leaves drifting profusely, like rain

Every floral flourishing
Is a hope of dream
Every brilliant blow
Is a risk of life

If I Were the Wind
By Bing Hua
Tr. Qin Dachuan
Edited By Richard Tornello

Childhood Friendship
—To Hongzhu, My Friend
By Bing Hua
Tr. By Richard Tornello, East Sea Fairy

In the Garden of Eden
A bright blossom
Bears a smiling red fruit

By Bing Hua

Sometimes I don't know why
I just feel so sad

By Bing Hua

I had been afraid of dogs
Since I was a little girl


By Rose Lu
Tr Richard Tornello

Maple leaves are red
We tour Xiang Shan Mountain
Passing the flaming woods
And two maple leaves

A vehicle ran over the autumn leaves on a road
And drove away
I picked up a greenless autumn leaf
In half red and half yellow


Thinking of you

No, I can’t go on any more
Distant and uncertain is the sea
So I have to cherish my cravings in my heart.

One side is spring the other autumn
you are the spring I the autumn

the spring and the autumn

Vanished - an autumn of golden yellow and a winter of withered gray
Flaunted - a spring of vivid green and a summer of blooming emerald

If tonight


On a summer day, at dusk
I took a walk around the lake
There on the bench near the lake
Sat a couple of lovers

Approaching, in haste
Getting near
After all
Truly near



The forecourt

That Summer

Having a pink one-piece on,
Eyebrow long fringe,

Bing Hua Biography

Bing Hua, originally name of Lihua Lu, a popular pure-hearted Chinese-American Poetess, is currently an accountant in Maryland, USA. Advisor of China Poetry, Vice President of the Chinese Poetry Association, column poetess of many Literature websites abroad. She has authored the well-known anthology of poetry THIS IS LOVE, and ROSES BY THE STREAM and coauthored MORNING DEW AND DRIFTING PETALS. Popular for her beautiful, fluent and pure style. Each poem is also a statement about her life, that has made readers nod, smile, and shed a tear. She’s been named Rose in Poetry, Woman Sage of Love Lyrics, Angel of Poems, Queen of amatory poems, etc. 'The Heart Of A Lotus' won the Gold award in the “Love Story” world-wide Chinese poem contest in 2010; 'It's Neither Frivolous Nor Drifty' and ' A Fan' won the Award in XXXI World Congress of Poets in 2011.)

The Best Poem Of Bing Hua

The Seventeen's

The emerald-like innermost feeling of the yore
Spreads out at the deepest part of the soul  
Shimmering with dark-green light on the other bank of time

The maid wearing a pink skirt
With a confused heart
Often strolls on the bank-side grass
Yet she can never pass
Even with expectation and aspirations
The ivy-coated door

Daylight and starlight continually keep replacing each other
With tear drops gliding adown on the strings
Crystal clear, salty bitter, and still silent

The ever-lasting fair shadow of adolescence
Treads the lawn of life painful
And the sweetness of seventeen's will stay lingering lifetime after all.

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Bing Hua Popularity

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