To Love Is Now An Option. Poem by S.J. Goldner

To Love Is Now An Option.

Rating: 3.7

I will continue to live.
To love is an option.
When life has torn your gut out
and swallowed it whole,
has taken your foundation
and crumpled it like newsleaf
from the date of your mother's death,
to love becomes an option.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 08 October 2009

And Time....which is Options ultimate Influence....Very nicely done, Sus...Moreso, tho', is your forum poem post which i found most impressive, clean, crisp & detail-capturing. F

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Nalini Hebbar 08 October 2009

take up the option...its worth it...even if it leads to & regards

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Augustus Egg 30 December 2009

Ideas amended: am i allowed to use alcohol? inside my body: a shard of stained glass the family name missing one, missing, not a soul she doesn’t care for me now i was her experiment she injected herself into me

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John Knight 05 December 2009

HI Goldy Locks - Love the name - love the heartache in your poem. I have sent you a suggestion for the next verse in a Message. I have scored you a TEN because despite this only being a deposit - I hope and pray that you will add some more verses with less angst and more hope - remember the progression Faith - Hope - Love. 'To love is an option'. We in the PH family love you and I trust you found the comments by my PH Brothers and Sisters helpful and healing. If its any consolation I have lost my Mum & Dad and two of my Brothers (one of whom was a twin) so I can empathise wih you. The hurt never goes away but it does diminish and love is a great healer. Love you in Poetry - JOHN X

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Nimal Dunuhinga 20 October 2009

Time always heals the frustration, Goldy! And time runs without an option?

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Chris Mendros 15 October 2009

pretty strong, as is. I'd prefer 'crumpled', but the mention of the particular date really brings it all home. And, yes, an option, not an obligation, never to be exercised lightly.

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David Scott 10 October 2009

Such a strong statement, and done so in few words.10

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