Francis Duggan Sad Poems

Old Joe Sad To Say 'sept 97'

Glenferrie on the sunday after Grand Final day
The Premiership cup has gone to Adelaide said old Joe sad to say
St Kilda gave it their best shot but they ran out of steam
And Adelaide had their measure they looked the better team.

You Feel Sad And Down

You feel sad and down life is not always fair
And of hope for the future you are in despair
In that you are not alone people like you everywhere
But when the going gets tough the tough hang in there

The Sad Sack Of The Town

Though compared to many your problems seem small
And life has not been treating you badly at all
Still you don't feel happy and you are close to tears
You've never felt this way in for you worse years

Money Corrupts That Does Seem Sad To Say

We hear so much of late of Corporate crime
Some far better 'twould seem in jail serving time
Than some who make millions by guile and deceit
They know how to lie and they know how to cheat

A Very Sad Thing For To Say

I did not cause the human population to grow
As I do not have any biological children of which I do know
But for environmental pollution I too am to blame
What we do to our Earth Mother is to all of our shame.

Some People Have A Sad Story To Tell

Some people have a sad story to tell
I know this woman she has been through hell
Her war torn Homeland she was forced to flee
And she arrived on these shores as a boat refugee.

A Woman With A Sad Story

Only two of us rode in the carriage and she sat next to I
And she looked nice I watched her out the corner of my eye
A woman over thirty years with curly locks of brown
On seat near me on late night train going out of Melbourne Town.

A Place That Rekindles A Sad Memory

The deep, deep emptiness of solitude
That drives one to a melancholy mood
I stand here on green bank of riverside
With thoughts on recent victim of suicide.

Eddy Sad Sack

If you are always sad faced and unhappy and telling others life is hard on you
Then you will find that you will not be popular and that your sympathizers will be few
For others do not wish to know of your hard luck stories or of how your problems of late seem to have grown
They do not wish to hear of your sob stories since they have many problems of their own.

How Sad Can Be This Life

I've often thought how sad can be this life
The man is separating from his wife
And she in hospital not feeling well
For some 'tis rough and living can be hell.

It Does Seem Sad To Say

Suppose from life we receive what is only our due
And that self praise is no praise i hold to be true
But nowadays those not into self promotion in life may not succeed
Human values have changed very much so indeed

You There With The Sad Looking Face

You there with the sad looking face you always seem close to tears
You still miss the one you truly love though from you she's been gone for three years
By now you should have realized that she did not love you
Suppose love it cannot be love if it is not felt by two.

You May Feel Sad For Yourself

You may feel sad for yourself though you have a roof over your head
And you do not lack comfort in your comfortable bed
And you don't lack for nourishment with lots of good food to eat
You are not one of the millions who are homeless on the street

Tis Such A Sad World

The youth of some Countries their justice system them fail
We hear such sad stories of children in jail
The Governments who allow this to happen must know of their shame
Though they of course never would take any blame

The Sad Misanthrope

He does not like writers and artists as such
Since he feels that they do not contribute much
To society that is what he does say
He looks at life in a strange sort of a way.

Sad Faced Dan

His heart is full of stress by stress he is weighed down
The one known as sad faced Dan the saddest one in town
He never laugh or smile he never crack a joke
He must not like the World he seems a sad poor bloke

Life Must Be Very Sad For Her

Life must be very sad for her so feeble, old and gray
From her bed helped to her wheelchair her life's hours tick away
A drive in the nursing home bus once a week with her elderly mates she does look forward to
She can only live for as long as she can but then that's all we all can do,

Poor Sad John Clare

As a poet of Nature writing in the English language few with him to compare
But life it was awful for poor sad John Clare
In Northampton asylum he was locked away
And there sad and abandoned he lived his last day

It Is Sad To Think

It is so sad to think that he is dead
He used to talk of days ahead
And holidays with his aging wife
He did love her and he loved life

Happy And Sad

The unfriendly one who looks sad and feeling down
Is not one of the popular people of the town
Their sort not the people one wishes to meet
And they never does spread joy whilst walking the street

Sad To Say

Due to habitat destruction and pollution and Climate Change it does seem sad to say
That more species of wildlife becoming endangered of extinction every day
And most of this doubtless due to human greed
Could it be that for the demise of our own kind we are planting the seed

It Is Sad To Realize

It is sad to realize so very sad indeed
That the Earth that does feed us is being destroyed by human greed
Of our own extinction we are planting the seed
Of many more environmentally friendly people humanity is in need

That The Sad One

One worry can lead to a bigger one seems true to say
Just hope that tomorrow for you will be a better day
That the sad one has few friends happens to be so
Few does wish to hear of your stories of woe

Such Sad News From War Zones

Such sad news from war zones from here far away
Of the murders and maiming of innocent people in bombings and shootings every day
By people who have lost their humanity
Completely bereft of any bit of compassion or empathy

Sad Thoughts To Melancholia

Sad thoughts to melancholia does give rise
And fill with tears the tear wells of the eyes
Even in a happy crowd one can be very sad
For life's happier moments one ought to feel glad

The Grieving And Sad

In public you have had to struggle to choke back the tears
As you thought of the past and your happier years
When you were happier and healthier and fitter and younger going back years ago
Long before the one known as time did become your foe

Which Does Seem A Bit Sad

The very worst of people were innocent babies one day
But on their lives journeys they have lost their way
A warped sense of values caused them to turn to crime
And they pay for their unlawful actions on serving prison time

It Does Seem A Sad Thing

It does seem a sad thing for to have to say
That the gap between the poor and the wealthy is growing wider by the day
Not alone in poor Countries but in Lands Worldwide
There are millions at the wrong end of the social divide

It Is Sad To See Political Leaders

It is sad to see political leaders who know so little about those in dire poverty
Who never do speak of homeless people the poor victims of inequality
It seems that they hardly do matter as few of them vote on election day
To be poor and homeless and hungry is to be ignored sad to say

How Sad Very Sad

From their car in the park as they sip on their tea
They will never more see the moon rise over the sea
And they will never more talk of the beauty together they see
How sad very sad sometimes life it can be

If You Are Feeling Sad

If you are feeling sad few wish to know of you
Laugh and the World laughs with you remains ever true
Few do wish to know of those who are feeling down
They do not have many friends the sad sacks of the town

A Sad Reflection

In the early years of the twenty first century intolerance is rife
And mistrust and dislike getting stronger by the day
Against the refugees of famines and wars
And this seems a sad thing for one for to say

A Sad Reflection On Humanity

In the early years of the twenty first century intolerance is rife
And mistrust and dislike getting stronger by the day
Against the refugees of famines and wars
And this seems a sad thing for one for to say

Happy And Sad Faces

When i am out walking on every street
Happy and sad faces i always do meet
A smile does not cost as the wise one does say
And on passing some even wish me a good day

It Was Such A Sad Thing

It was such a sad thing to see the old man in tears
At the death of the woman he had loved for years
The mother of his children the great love of his life
For fifty five years his devoted wife

This Is A Sad Thing

Sad to say we will always have the material and social divide
And sad to say that the gap between the rich and the poor does keep growing wide
So many poor people in life doing it tough
Whilst the privileged few of life's luxuries have far more than enough

A Sad Thing For To Say

For winners there has to be losers this goes without doubt
For billions of people sad to say this is what life is about
The poor people who live on the brink of despair
Despite what many may tell you life is not always fair

Sad Faced Jim

Despite what many may say life for some is not always fair
At least not for those who have to live with their dark moods of despair
Of how it feels to be happy they do not know
Lucky those who do know of the warm inner glow

That Poor Sad Faced Bloke

That poor sad faced bloke known as never do well
Of life he does have his own stories to tell
He does have a reason for looking so sad
Some tearful and tough days in life he has had

Which Does Seem A Very Sad Thing For To Say

Most human beings who die in an unnatural way die at the hands of their own kind
The names of so many mass murderers do come to mind
So many far too many even to attempt to name
Who have died with the guilt of humanity's greatest crimes of shame

Such Sad News

Such sad news on t v and radio every day
From war torn countries from here far away
From Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan
Conflicts seem never ending the decades they do span

Sad As It May Seem

He is anti social that much he admit
And he lacks in humor and he lacks in wit
With his human frailties he constantly fight
The one who will never be in the limelight

A Sad Thing To Say

It is said that their numbers are growing ever rare
That climate change is taking toll on the white Arctic bear
That due to a thinning of the ice which makes it harder for them to catch prey
Of drowning and of hunger they are dying every day

If You Are A Sad Sack

If you are a sad sack few wish to know of you
Laugh and the world laughs with you happens to be true
If everyone at all times had a serious face
The human world to live in would not be a nice place

It Is Always So Sad

It is always so sad to see an aging man in tears
The alcohol stirred up in him the memories of happier years
His thoughts did return to his beautiful wife
For thirty nine years the great love of his life

Sad For Me

Sad for me to think that as a boy i was nearer to the universal god than i am today
The years have left me feeling bitter i look at life in a cynical way
Some people with age seem to mellow with me it is not this way at all
Though i do feel joy in old memories when happier days i recall

It Seems Sad To Say

Due to climate change and destruction of their natural habitat by humans it seems sad to say
That extinction for many species of wildlife does not seem far away
Every day more land is mapped for development and more trees are cut down
And wildlife losing out to every developing town

It Is Sad To Hear

It is sad to hear of so many despotic regimes obsessed by people control
On their dissatisfied civilian populations taking a heavy toll
Their so called soldiers shooting indiscriminately into protesting crowds
Or dropping bombs from their war planes in the cover of the clouds

Sad To Contemplate

You may have three billion worth in assets with two billion in money to spare
And be renowned far and wide as a known billionaire
But you cannot stop time on you it does tick on
And your best days in life to the forever gone

Extinction Is Forever That Seems Sad To Say

Extinction is forever that seems sad to say
And more life forms becoming extinct every day
Like trying to re-create the paper we've given the fire for to burn
The dead to life never more ever return

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