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Wake up, wake up, o, grandpa, o dear,
Wake and feel those you see;
Don’t you know how hard it is to peer
A living mass lying dead before me.

If the one I love goes before my eyes
And I as well get drunk on grief,
Shall fade away our sweetest lies
Or shall my heart get broken into briefs.

After entering the class, said the Inspector,
"Which adjective is best for your teacher? "
All said, "Handsome, Sir."
But said a foolish from far,

There dwell those droves in a number few,
Within a stone's throw, the rainbow of bliss,
And in each glance shall reveal colors, new,
With drizzles apart, like arrows with kiss,


How nice it would be being a woman,
With smiles soothing sad hearts,
With tears burning greed and selfishness,
With pain abolishing deceitfulness,

Times when our hearts are drenched with glow
And when they lift their feet to dance,
Some tears then arrive and show
The seas of success on our face.

For I am in love with death,
With tears swelling eyes,
With no essence of such human faith,
And no time to state those; lies.

Man, 'Why are these names,
He, she, I, you, my, yours? '
'Why so vulgar adjectives,
Black, white, rich, penurious,

To me, my love, never been ruled,
With dusty stars, in I despair,
Bringing me to days; unfair,
Where help's never helped, with when love is glued.

For all those who love as the way they paint,
On that naked sheet with the pace of wind,
That hits his soul with that sudden bent,
And calls forth all strands waiting to bind,

At world's stage, forgotten words solemnly he covers,
And true lies in him do birth,
While with him shall pass million earths,
With emotions in his finger tips and poems; his lovers.

How lovely, how tender!
In this world of joy,
They seek our bosom,

Mesmerizing creek,
How flows through the dark, green lane,
And none shall stop it.


The human that you once shall get
Is like the sky of pleasure,
But with stars of love
To whom you call is MOTHER,

I sing with nature's smiles,
When my eyes do compass become,
With no tunes costumed wearisome,
With beauty and a lot to beguile.

True love never shall die,
Never shall it fade, until it begets itself,
With lover to love and hopeful to help,
Until it meets betrayed eyes and sweet shy.

When my love states that she is futile,
She actually mends relations with eyes of stress,
For love's never dead though covers miles,
She is ever an angel with beauty; ageless,

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Wake Up...

Wake up, wake up, o, grandpa, o dear,
Wake and feel those you see;
Don’t you know how hard it is to peer
A living mass lying dead before me.

No, no, not let anyone to come
To mince us apart and too our ways;
O please, o dear, return home
And don’t freeze these soundless days.

Wake up, wake up, o, grandpa, o dear
And take me to the land you wish,
O my eyes can hold no more these tears,
Nor part from you with a kiss.

You are an angel of lands and lands,
Or will be soon; or might,
Just place your head upon my hands
And you will be all right.

Wake up, wake up, o my best friend,
Please don’t make us cry,
It’s not the time for your life to end;
Nor for die.

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 15 October 2014

Saheb Mohapatra is very young and barely 15 years of age. He has been writing poems for a year or so. He is blessed with talents. He participates in every form of writing and has been applauded by teachers, friends and near and dear ones. I hope and request all poets of PH to read and encourage this young bud so that he can bloom into a beautiful flower of yours.........

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Maheshwar Dash 23 August 2016

GOOD mohapatra but.........................

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Maheshwar Dash 23 August 2016

Good mohapatra but................

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Heather Wilkins 05 November 2014

Dear Saheb you are an excellent writer with much talent. keep writing my gifted young friend

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Geetha Jayakumar 02 November 2014

Our young budding poet Saheb Mohapatra is blessed with amazing talent in writing poems, Limericks, Haikus in a wonderful and quite humorous ways. Keep writing to your best and Thereby make a way to your top of our abilities! God Bless you and reach you to the top where you are destined to be!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 02 November 2014

Welcome to SAHEB, A talented and gifted poet. and I have seen through my observation - his interest..philosophical interest and analytic attitude.I just say-his keen observation can take him at the top and I request to Saheb be at the top, country needs you.. be an asset to the family, district, state, nation and at a wide range international. be humble and human - .my wishes is with you..keep glittering eyes connected with the mind to produce refined thought Glory to be Allah | Delete this message

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'love's actually a window open for all, for it alters people of every sort.'

POETRY has many portraits.It depends how one accepts it...

When you find success standing on your way, never ever run hastily to grab it or it would run away.Better walk with sheer silence and patience and have it in your hands for 'all good things in this world are earned by patience...'

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Saheb Mohapatra Popularity

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