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In school so much go's on
You read
You write
Friends are there to help you make it through

There will always be rocks in my heart
from all the times it's been broken
There will always be music in my head
from words that can't be unspoken

my time has come
i have said almost everything i need to
done everything i want to
but one last thing remains

The words I write across
The pages of my life

Were words i already knew

Theres a fire in us all
That nothing can put it out
It's heat can heal us
Or make us die

im letting go of everything i know
im letting people in
lifes is no longer about them
its about me to

As the sun sets.
I close my eyes
I want to sleep but I can’t
For tomorrow always scares me


The arms that have held me
The hearts that have love me
Have never been the same
The tears that fall down my face

a black rose lay in a bed of ash
everything burnt but that one rose
everything lost by did the rose not die?
what dose the rose mean

A rose thorn draws blood
Blood brings with it tears
Tears come from the heart
The heart I hold is shattered and broken

look into my eyes.
tell me what you see
the pain i hide with a smile
can you be the one to chang that?

why give roses hen they just die
why give rings that can get lost
why say we will die for each other
when we never have to

Tiss the day of unlucky
tiss the day people see fear
lots dont like it
others love it

id like to fly
above you all
let my pain float with the clouds

We never knew, never saw never thought it would be like this
i thought i found love
but it turned out wrong
thats when i thought to myself


i feel something growing inside me
at times its strong
yet other times it feels as if its not there
it brings me joy

as i look into the merrior
I see the lines the tears have made
For the tears i shed are tears of blood
From the pain in my heart is to much for me to bear

Just Cry
Shed a few tears
no one has to see you
no one has to kno

When i look back
Past the tears and the pain
I don't see alot
I close my eyes to try to see

pain will never end.
nothing can stop the tears for good.
love is just a game.
the heart is just something that beats.

Sally Minns Biography

I started writing just befor I turned 16 when i was in a bad time in life. My life is changing so i took up writing. I was writing a book but it turned out bad so with the help of a friend i started writing poems. i hope to keep writing and some day have a book of poems. I have one arm and not many people get to know me but lifes not about what you look like it's about who you are on the inside. I love to write even if i dont have time i still think about my writing.)

The Best Poem Of Sally Minns

In School

In school so much go's on
You read
You write
Friends are there to help you make it through
Teachers are there to help you learn
You got books
You got computers
In school
You get away from parents
In school
There are people that understand you
There are people that hate you
There are people that look up to you
In school
There are bad lunches
There are packed halls
There are smelly locker rooms
All in school

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Matt Kephart 15 December 2009

Sally is a beautiful writer who expresses herself amazingly through her poems. Her poems regarding love always get me.

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Delicate Heart 15 May 2009

you are certainly a creative poetess and that appears vividly throughout your influential poems.I love your poems sally because I do feel like I have the same moments in my life, I am looking forward to reading more soul lifting and comforting poems. love and light

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Sally is a Great Poet! Try reading her A Black Rose in a Bed Of Ash! ! ! ! !

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Sally Minns Popularity

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