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Dearly loved, do you hear me?
Where do you roams?
In the valley cardamom shoots
Mangoes ripes; paddy reaps

You are a grown up girl!
But, still, an innocent kid in spirit
A damsel like a full-blown blossom
A luxurious dream of men of land

It is Night
Creepy dark
Deadly mute
Black and rude

Policeman in the traffic island has no head
He has an extra hand behind to take bribe
The cop in the station has no eyes
He has an extra limb, a lathy, to beat

Expect unexpected while driving on your way,
A highway or it may be a way narrow

A pleasant surprise out of blue or a sudden wreck

Creamy icey love, a lofty scoop,
In multiple mix greens
On the green tinted table
On the grass green

Not the candles or the years fell behind
To count on your birth day
Contemplate the blessings you received
And the experiences you acquired…

He said
I don't know whether I love you or not
I don't know what is love
I never touch it

did you hear the song
the beats of my heart
the sound of music
the sound of love............

The year ahead, another leg in your sprint,
An opportunity to achieve the fondest dreams you have
Scrap the worries of losses you had
No late to achieve what you lost

Hey girl it is a honor being a sprout in your
Wild fertile terrains under coy clouds
It is a previlage being irrigated by your
Temperamented sizzling passions

The girl I met on the bushy land, heaped
Beyond paddy fields, was peeping
For birds, their nests, eggs and babies
An endeavor to help birds to survive.

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Writing since the age of age 12 in English and Malayalam. A graduate in Philosophy.)

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Dearly Loved, Do You Hear Me?

Dearly loved, do you hear me?
Where do you roams?
In the valley cardamom shoots
Mangoes ripes; paddy reaps
Springs giggle and sprints
Mynas, koel and cuckoo
Chirps, sing and whistle
To wake us daily at sunup

Dearly loved, do you hear me?
Where do you hides?
Behind the arches the ruined palace opens
Or in the remains of the palace broken
In the orchard, under an age old tree
I gave you my love on an autumn day
The tree is still highs in my heart
But I don’t know it, there or not

Ruiners left nothing intact
Several left bare hand the born land;
Others killed and buried
Remaining few are slaves
Are you still in the ruin or in captivity?
Or hiding somewhere we roamed around?
Dearly loved, where are you?
Do you hear me? the sobs of my soul?

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Sam Varghis Popularity

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