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An Innocent Village Girl

You are a grown up girl!
But, still, an innocent kid in spirit
A damsel like a full-blown blossom
A luxurious dream of men of land

Dearly Loved, Do You Hear Me?

Dearly loved, do you hear me?
Where do you roams?
In the valley cardamom shoots
Mangoes ripes; paddy reaps

Light A Lamp Of Faith

It is Night
Creepy dark
Deadly mute
Black and rude

Officials Of Our Land

Policeman in the traffic island has no head
He has an extra hand behind to take bribe
The cop in the station has no eyes
He has an extra limb, a lathy, to beat

Expect Unexpected While Driving.

Expect unexpected while driving on your way,
A highway or it may be a way narrow

A pleasant surprise out of blue or a sudden wreck

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Writing since the age of age 12 in English and Malayalam. A graduate in Philosophy.

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