Samantha Jenks

Rookie (October 11th / Michigan)

Samantha Jenks Poems

1. You Were The Moon 12/13/2008
2. Neglected Needs 12/13/2008
3. Unreturned Favors 12/13/2008
4. Blind 12/13/2008
5. You And I 12/13/2008
6. Whispers In The Dark 12/13/2008
7. What It Is To You 12/13/2008
8. My November 12/13/2008
9. Midnight 12/14/2008
10. When Two Become One 12/14/2008
11. Deciding Dividing 12/17/2008
12. Out From Under 12/18/2008
13. Love Wont Let Go 12/18/2008
14. I Am 12/19/2008
15. My Best Friend 12/19/2008
16. Winner At A Loser's Game 12/19/2008
17. Not What It Seems, Not What The World Truly Sees 12/19/2008
18. Succinct 12/20/2008
19. Reliving This Division, Forgiving Who Shouldn'T Be Forgiven 12/25/2008
20. Until The End Of Time 12/26/2008
21. My Dear Juliet 2/19/2009
22. Waiting For Your Call 2/26/2009
23. Through All Of This 2/26/2009
24. I'Ll Be Your Sunset 7/13/2009
25. In The Depth Of My Dreams 7/13/2009
26. Forever Infliction Love 10/28/2009
27. Divine Psyche Of Inferno 2/1/2010
28. My God 3/13/2010
29. In The End 3/25/2010
30. A Tendancy To Sing 6/29/2010
31. The Fallen 6/29/2010
32. By Default 6/29/2010
33. Consecrated Credos 6/29/2010
34. Epiphany 6/29/2010
35. Panacea 6/29/2010
36. Versimilitude 6/29/2010
37. Erotas 1/13/2010

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Best Poem of Samantha Jenks


My spasms gasp of breath driven into the core
Elevating in the depth of the mind
Fragments pervade into your atmosphere
Clinging so dearly to your paramour
The indefatigable manner of your soul
So lucrative to this distaff
Your lissomness turn and tide
The shadows eloquence come rise and fall
Twisted whispers shared and I will command of thee
Rhythm and rhyme ascend into the apex you’ll confide
No subservient moves pierce the core
You dance and quiver as I weave and epic and court
Colour the sky ignite your stars in the night
Moreover hover above and be ...

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Tonight my heart is breaking my tears have fallen down. I need you now can’t you see. I want that love that happiness, that serenity. My deepest desire is for you to love and to hold me. Fix my broken soul fill me warm to the bones. Complexity at its finest a life is told. Truly its concise watch my every action, I’m aching for you in every move I

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