A Lost Poodle Poem by Sandra Martyres

A Lost Poodle

Rating: 4.1

He walked through the woods
With a flickering lantern
In search of his white poodle
The little dog had strayed away
Each step that he took, seemed to echo
The more silently he tried to walk
The louder the crackling of dry leaves
Sounded in his ears raising more fears
He tried calling out to the poodle by name
'Tipper- Tipper' he shouted louder and louder
But to no avail – the pooch did not respond
The woods became darker and darker
And his lantern dimmer and dimmer
Soon he felt warm winds pass slowly
On either side of him and then
A strange sensation overcame him
He broke out into a cold sweat
Wondering if it were a ghost haunting him
So terrorised he was, that even when
He shouted the dog's name again
No sound could be heard
After that he lost track of what happened
Until he awakened to see his anxious Mother
Peering down at him in complete dismay
With Tipper right behind her wagging his tail
He sighed with relief when he realised
That he was in bed and it was just a bad dream...

Shashendra Amalshan 12 August 2009

Hey sandra.. this is a different by yours.. Hey your friend Michael Harmon says good poem should have four Ms.. music, myth, magic, mystery... I feel this got it all.. I specially like narrative type poems.. This in most ways an entertaining to read.... lovess shan

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Graham Russell 12 August 2009

loved it.. dreams bring so many things... just as does your story

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Sandra Fowler 12 August 2009

Beautiful imagery, haunting dream. I am so glad the little boy awoke to see both his mother and his beloved Tipper. Happy endings are always food for the soul.10/10. Love, Sandra X

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Narrative poetry is fast becoming another trade mark to add to your Senyru. The crackling of leaves is really effective as is the shouting and darkness. I could just see the Mother, and Tipper wagging his tail when he he wakes up. Well done! 10 Karin Anderson

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Sathyanarayana M V S 14 August 2009

WOW SANDRA! Who kept me on tanterhooks till the last letter........what a thriller.........your descriptive talents are simply superb. My friend, Ngiel Beck another good poet of this site writes this type of thrillers. He is an expert. You very much reminded him

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Ben Gieske 08 September 2009

You create and keep the suspense very nicely. I was beginning to expect something not so pleasant.

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Catrina Heart 21 August 2009

a very fine poetic narration...well done! ! ! 10+++

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Meggie Gultiano 20 August 2009

oh, i thought...ha ha..this is a pleasure to read, Sandra. Glad that it is only a dream.Well, you really is a good story teller, and you made your readers excited for the next episode.Really a great write.. Common, Sandra..another part II like this..bravo...Ha ha ha

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Rishav Rastogi 18 August 2009

very high choice of words and ecstasy flowing in your poem.... do read mine as well.....

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Kesav Easwaran 18 August 2009

a bad dream narrated well in good style...thanks Sandra...10

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