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Love spoke to marriage,
“It is I who come first.”
For which marriage replied,
“It is for me you come.”

Waiting Hopes

Someone, somewhere, is,
Born for me.


Woman she is, great woman she is.
Mistress of young,
Companion of middle-aged,
And nurses of old.

Great books call on us, to tell,
The reason of all ill fate,
Is only the burning desire.
Now I strongly ask,

In dreams we spent our lives,
Our lives of the past and future.
Past lessons for the future,
And the future that is yet to come.

Mask I wore on my naked face,
Not one but many.
One for money, another for fame,
Then another for command, and so on.

Every dusk is for a new dawn,
And every dawn is for a new dusk,
My days pass by.
The day before was worst.

Blew a heavy wind,
In a mountain near.
The flowers shattered,
The leaves fell,

“How is life? ” All ask.
And I have an answer to give,
“As beautiful as a bed of rose.”
They again do quest,

I close my eyes,
And start to cry,
You know the reason why.
This love in me wants,

To Him, who I have not seen,
But whose words I have heard,
And touch I have felt,
A heart full of thanks.

I own a shop in the street’s corner,
A small shop of flowers,
Flowers from lotus to rose.
I work from dawn to dusk,

My world moves around,
Around for a thousand-thousand years,
Years of progress,
Progress from age of stones to silicon.

I loved you true,
But did you?
When I can’t have you,
My heart stealer,

I did not know,
How much you love me.
Let me put my heart to you.
If you know, how much I love you,


Poems I write,
Not for me,
Or you to read,
But still I pen them.

Love me not like a shadow,
Love me not like a dream.
Where is the shadow in the dark?
Where is the truth in the dream?

Alone in my bed,
With your thoughts in flow,
I was waiting for sleep.
Then I did see you,


In the dim light of a candle,
I sit watching my image,
In a mirror who speaks,
Whose words heard only by me.

Divinity thy name is love.
What more divine could there be,
Than a lad and lady,
Starting their journey with love,

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At 10 I planted my first rose... At 15 I penned my first poem... At 19 I traded the first scrip in the market...)

The Best Poem Of Santhosh Vijayakumar

Marriage & Love

Love spoke to marriage,
“It is I who come first.”
For which marriage replied,
“It is for me you come.”
Arguments arose and words clashed.
Both who were one with another,
Split away and, the result,
No love ended in marriage,
And all marriages broke.
At last, He the Maker spoke,
“Love, you are My happening.
Marriage, you are My new beginning.
Without the other you shan’t survive.”
And then on, they walked hand-in hand.

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