Water On Earth Save Water Poem by sarah shahzad

Water On Earth Save Water

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Save Water

Free Verse Poem

.We drink and use water,

.Without knowing what it does,

.What benefits it gives,

.Water is around but has decreased,

.Without knowing that the world is drying,

.Before the leaves get crooked up as life,

.We need to save water, to save our life,

.Water helps everything,

.As we need to help it too,

.We do not need water just to drink and use,

.We need it, to help it, so it can help us too.


(Sarah Shahzad, November 2019)

Water On Earth Save Water
Friday, November 22, 2019
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Water is the basic human and all living beings essential requirement. Human body need enough water to support daily chores.As it is considered as essential element of any living being therefore it is called Life as well.
We have a lot of content and literature available on water and how to save or conserve it.After air, we have most important need is water.Without food people may survive for more than 30 days but without water, one cannot survive for only few days.
I have come across a beautiful poem on "save water, Sarah has captured this concept well.Few verses are as follows: poem about life
Sylvia Frances Chan 06 December 2019

Perfect Poem about WATER and that submitted on my Birthday! Hurray! Life needs water, not only for human, all creatures upon this earth need WATER, the trees and trunks too. Without WATER, we will die within perhaps a month, a week..............Thanks for sharing, a perfect poem poetically presented, poetess. A 10 Full Score and myriad of 10´s more. Keep on creating. God´s Blessings in Abundance. Amen.

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Sarah Shahzad 06 December 2019

this is a very beautiful and thought touching reply, thank you

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Unnikrishnan E S 13 February 2021

Water is fundamental to all life forms on earth.80% of the human body is water. And 71% of earth's surface is covered by water. Life will cease to exist if the water vanishes. Great thoughts. Lovely poem. Five stars

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Queeny Gona 11 February 2020

Save water, save energy.... Need of the hour. Looking forward to see more of this kind of message oriented poems.

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Akhtar Jawad 25 December 2019

A timely warning through a nice poem.

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Sarah Shahzad 26 December 2019

Many thanks for your appreciation! ! !

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Bernard Snyder 23 December 2019

Water is very much a necessity as you nicely described. Continue with your passion to write. The world can never have enough poetry. Thanks for sharing!

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Sarah Shahzad 28 December 2019

thanks for nice feedback! :)

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Chuy Amante 23 December 2019

Water, air, sunlight, it is all life. Life never disappears, it moves around a bit. Potable, pee, ocean, mist, it's all perfect no? Peace SS

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Sarah Shahzad 28 December 2019

Thank you so much for your kind words... Bless and love :)

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