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The plane is touching the cloud

What a great surprise

In our villages -
The paddy fields are greenary
The sky is bluish
Our life only faded

If I think about February 14 th
In every year -
A person is roaring in front of me

Why are you hide?

The eyes of the angel for justice

I lost the poems
Which was written by me
In the early days of my life

Why are you not
Identify the spiritual politics
At greenery kolli mountains?

வசந்த கால தென்றலின் மென்மையான உணர்வு

மாமர மலரின் தலைமுடி மணம்

For the dead leader

The silence paid by the tribute

Death hall
Back door
Accidentally opened.

Because of the
The full moon did not come

Two birds are flying
In the sky
like Two kites in different directions

I'm not familiar with that little girl

Who is grabbing the unknown flower

In my country
The leaders are in
The mean while

My privacy and secrets
All of my ambitions

The multimillionaire's currency is
Sleeping in bank lockers
The meanwhile
Cat is sleeping on the stove


I am Looking at the clock.
To know the timing
Clock showing not only time
The entire world also.

Saravanan Sivasubramanian Biography

My name is S.Saravanan. I am an engineer by profession. writing poems is my interest.)

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Haiku Poem

The plane is touching the cloud

What a great surprise

The sky falls into the sea

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Poems are golden rings. Film songs are golden plating and coating rings.

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Saravanan Sivasubramanian Popularity

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