Scarborough Gypsy Poems

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Forty Is An 'F' Word

I look into the mirror
By accident these days
For it’s not my own reflection
That meets my startled gaze

Alcohol Abuse Is Not An Addiction

Am so afraid of how you feel
Listening to what you’ve said
Chills me to the bone
Our whole existence is on shaky ground

Cup Of Rain

He’s written his rules
In invisible ink
She’s thirsty for answers
But can’t get a drink


My heart sank
As I watched her go
That familiar pain returned in an instant
And I felt hollow inside

Kindled Spirit

This one's a real scorcher
A flaming true one too
The subject – my 'hot' sister
And the things she likes to do

Digitally Correct

I lay awake in my bed
Awaiting only sleep
Last cycle of the dish machine
Stopped – and then went BEEEEP!

Just A Sniff

Sometimes I get just a sniff
A whiff of a memory
A time or a place
Of people

Cry For Me

Cry for me, please cry for me,
I want you to feel hurt,
I want the pain to dig at you,
And make you feel like dirt

Leave Me Alone!

I’d like to awake
Without being woken
To just sit and think
With no word spoken

Hot Cup Of Tea

Hot cup of tea
Now that for me would be
Such a luxury
Hot Cup of Tea

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