Alcohol Abuse Is Not An Addiction Poem by Scarborough Gypsy

Alcohol Abuse Is Not An Addiction

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Am so afraid of how you feel
Listening to what you’ve said
Chills me to the bone
Our whole existence is on shaky ground
How has it come to this
Or has it always been this way
Lonely on the inside and lonely on the out

Angry at you for having this weakness
Beating myself up for being so hard
Unable to see it from your perspective
Seeing only instability on your part
Even though I love you so

I don’t know how to deal with this
Stubborn strength has always been my strong point

Never been one to give in easily
Or admit defeat in any way
Therefore how can you, my man

Are you not in control of what you do
Needs and wants
Against who’s will do you keep drinking
Don’t you see that you can stop
Determination alone will conquer
I want to help but don’t know how
Can’t understand the actual problem
That is a problem in itself
I feel like I don’t really know you
Or even worse, don’t know myself
Need to sit on this a bit

Linda Hepner 28 February 2006

You show well how addiction affects not only the addicts but the ones who love them. This was a affective cri du coeur. Linda H

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Mike Finley 07 April 2006

If we know anything it is that determination is useless against addiction. People need help - while in the throes of addiction, they cannot help themselves. And even if they stop by an act of will, they remain 'dry drunks' - not drinking but not cured either. I go to meetings every Saturday because I need the support of my brothers there. With their help and with the grace of God I have been sober for 12 years,

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Scarborough Gypsy 01 July 2005

Not sur what happened? ? This was previously submitted and got deleted somehow. Pretty dissapointng because it had received some excellent comments. Here it goes again. Gyp's

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Alice Vedral Rivera 01 July 2005

I've been there (and left after 18 years) and I don't always feel comfortable revisiting the 'dark days', but I really liked this poem the first time I read it and I like it even more rereading it. I like the way you articulated what it feels like. avr

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Uriah Hamilton 01 July 2005

I don't strictly remember my comment, but thanks for returning the poem!

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Brian Jani 26 May 2014

Amazing poem here keep it up

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Robert E Hann 24 November 2009

This one makes me stop and think while I read rhymes and drink my drink. I tell myself I know the score. I swear it makes me love her more. But I do know I walk a line where danger's working overtime. I'll take your words along with me and carry on most carefully. Thanx for the 'heads up'. Robert

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Jennifer Jarrell 27 October 2009

I must say I love how you show how alcoholism affects others around us. But I do have to disagree on it not being an addiction. Not that I know all about it. But I am an alcoholic in recovery and without prayer and the 12 steps I could not stay sober for anyone or anything. Will power alone didn't work and in most cases don't work. Just my opinion. But other then that I loved the way you reminded me what my faults caused the ones I love to go thru and feel.

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Milica Franchi De Luri 25 October 2009

Great poem..............thank you for sharing............10+++++++++

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Lisa Dee 21 October 2007

It's almost as if I wrote this myself- I feel the same way- angry at myself for being so hard, pissy that he can't muster up the will power- abandoned when it takes over, so sad for my poor sweet love-

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