Broken Poem by Scarborough Gypsy


Rating: 4.5

My heart sank
As I watched her go
That familiar pain returned in an instant
And I felt hollow inside
I tried hard to smile
As I waved her off
But my face gave in and crumpled
Eyes welled up with tears
Be brave, be brave
Just until she’s out of sight
Don’t let her see your smile lies
Broken on the welcome mat.

Herbert Nehrlich1 24 April 2005

Another good one. Poetry helps with emotions. It helps even men who don't have any. Hxx

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ANNA 12 June 2022


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Lilian Marriage 04 May 2005

So very sad, I feel for you, having been there, many times.

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Joe Guillotin 06 June 2005

Good one- this.Yes, don't let them see us crumble as we say goodbye.I felt it..kudos-]0[

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Nimal Dunuhinga 02 February 2006

A very sad and a touching poem S.G........SCATTERED THINGS, VERY HARD TO REJOIN...........LIFE IS AN ELEGY..........EVERYTHING ENDS WITH SORROW..........SMILE & CRY......NO DIFFERENCE?

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Jessica Harrington 01 November 2008

i love this poem its very emotional.. i would love it if you coulod read my poetry and give your seem like a kindred spirit

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Melvina Germain 26 March 2007

You explain this feeling so well, I know many men have difficult showing their sadness. It's a shame really because it's OK to share that emotion. Wonderful poem, I enjoyed reading it.--Melvina--

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Michael Gale 08 August 2006

Sadness of heart is a forced front that man must really issue forth as a masked charade of bravery. Tis a lie we men must all bear and embrace. Man is supposed to be brave and fearless and show very little emotion to sadness and it's weakness as percieved by all and our straight male peers. Leave the sadness with all the queers. Great poem of love coming to an abrupt ending so sad. Easily i gave it a ten. God bless to thee-Michael Jeffrey Gale.

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Moya Levy 18 February 2006

Know this feeling as I'm sure do many! Nicely written, Moyaxxx

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Russel Tanner 09 February 2006

very heightened sense of pain and loss is conveyed - nice choice of words. keep it up (:

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