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Am so afraid of how you feel
Listening to what you’ve said
Chills me to the bone
Our whole existence is on shaky ground

I look into the mirror
By accident these days
For it’s not my own reflection
That meets my startled gaze

He’s written his rules
In invisible ink
She’s thirsty for answers
But can’t get a drink

My heart sank
As I watched her go
That familiar pain returned in an instant
And I felt hollow inside

This one's a real scorcher
A flaming true one too
The subject – my 'hot' sister
And the things she likes to do

I lay awake in my bed
Awaiting only sleep
Last cycle of the dish machine
Stopped – and then went BEEEEP!

Sometimes I get just a sniff
A whiff of a memory
A time or a place
Of people

Cry for me, please cry for me,
I want you to feel hurt,
I want the pain to dig at you,
And make you feel like dirt

I’d like to awake
Without being woken
To just sit and think
With no word spoken

Hot cup of tea
Now that for me would be
Such a luxury
Hot Cup of Tea

We were blessed with an angel,
The day that she came,
Only a child so perfect,
Could carry her name,

Once again alone and lost,
This empty feeling is the cost
Of many regrets and dreams I’ve tossed
Onto the heap of mental compost,

Big waves ten foot plus,
Fear fills my heart - board too small
Maybe tomorrow

Your ever lasting
kiss touched my soul long before
we had ever met.


Gypsy has gone AWOL
And joined a circus Troup
Spends her time now juggling
And leaping through a hoop!


I know he hurts inside
He misses his boys so much
But I am helpless to his pain
I tread on eggshells when we speak of them

This bogey is a fing
What lives up in your nose

Skeletons in cupboard
Ugly bony truths
Betrayal stands unspoken
Doors locked with keys

My sleep is abruptly interrupted
Morning mechanics kick into gear
Affection first on his agenda
Arms outstretched he pulls me near

üMy memorable trip to the zoo

Scarborough Gypsy Biography

Gypsy has been living in Australia since 1992 but was borne and bred in London. She has travelled extensively and now resides in the coastal town of Scarborough in Perth Western Australia. Gypsy is a happy go lucky person who believes that fun and laughter should go hand in hand with life. Writing now since the age of thirteen, the poems that she writes are mainly inspired by life experiences. She likes to vary her subject matter as much as possible and tries to offer the reader a wide scope of emotions to experience through her work. If you were going to read any of Gypsy’s poems her recommendation would be to start with “The Decorator”, “Love In A Teacup” and “Reflections”. These are her three personal favourites. Please feel free to comment on Scarborough Gypsy’s work but do not worry about scoring as she does not believe in the scoring system and does not score on anyone's work for this reason. Gypsy does however welcome all verbal feedback both good and bad providing it is constructive of course. Thankyou)

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Alcohol Abuse Is Not An Addiction

Am so afraid of how you feel
Listening to what you’ve said
Chills me to the bone
Our whole existence is on shaky ground
How has it come to this
Or has it always been this way
Lonely on the inside and lonely on the out

Angry at you for having this weakness
Beating myself up for being so hard
Unable to see it from your perspective
Seeing only instability on your part
Even though I love you so

I don’t know how to deal with this
Stubborn strength has always been my strong point

Never been one to give in easily
Or admit defeat in any way
Therefore how can you, my man

Are you not in control of what you do
Needs and wants
Against who’s will do you keep drinking
Don’t you see that you can stop
Determination alone will conquer
I want to help but don’t know how
Can’t understand the actual problem
That is a problem in itself
I feel like I don’t really know you
Or even worse, don’t know myself
Need to sit on this a bit

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Kayla Jo Trimble 22 March 2007

I love this poem! very creative!

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