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Gypsy has been living in Australia since 1992 but was borne and bred in London. She has travelled extensively and now resides in the coastal town of Scarborough in Perth Western Australia. Gypsy is a happy go lucky person who believes that fun and laughter should go hand in hand with life.

Writing now since the age of thirteen, the poems that s ...

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Kayla Jo Trimble 22 March 2007

I love this poem! very creative!

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The Best Poem Of Scarborough Gypsy

Forty Is An 'F' Word

I look into the mirror
By accident these days
For it’s not my own reflection
That meets my startled gaze
Instead an ageing woman
Stares back into my face
With sagging tired complexion
That can’t keep up the pace
Of someone ten years younger
Who doesn’t need much sleep
And eats and drinks and parties
Without falling in a heap
And I’ve bought all the cosmetics
For anti ageing skin
But they’ve not made any difference
I should chuck them in the bin
And go and get a face-lift
Some subtle tucks and nips
A bit of liposuction
To loose these bloody hips
And while I’m on the subject
(I’m going to have to swear)
‘cause forty is an “F” word
And we can’t all be like “Cher”.

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Scarborough Gypsy Popularity

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