Bri Edwards September Poems

It happened, nearly twelve years now in our past;
I promised [really? ] that, you, I would outlast.
In other words I ‘promised' I'd not die before YOU,
so, don't forget to die OR my life will NEVER be - -

My PH friends and other members:

Unfortunately PH 'chooses' to SOMETIMES make it impossible [FOR ME AT LEAST] to submit a poem comment to show up on a poem's page. BUT Bri has some tricks up his (my)sleeve to pass along to you all:

Five months I, Bri, was missing from this site;
now I'm back.
Some sensed my absence while others, that sense, did lack.

PoemHunter [STILL FREE] has problems for sure,
for which, right now, there may be no cure, OR
at least no "cure" I see coming at all soon,
so let's all meet tonight at The Poemhunter Saloon.