Bri's Second October '22 Showcase, This One Built With Poems, Not Bri's Notes....[ Submitted In October, Not September This Time ] Poem by Bri Edwards

Bri's Second October '22 Showcase, This One Built With Poems, Not Bri's Notes....[ Submitted In October, Not September This Time ]

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I, Bri, thought I might not submit another showcase, but, for Bharati Nayak, I DO.
She is one of the few members who comment, one of the very, very, VERY FEW!

In my last two or three showcases, I gave only notes, not the complete poem texts.
Kim Barney has encouraged me to print the poems out as I used to; who knows what's next? !

I wrote more to this 'introductory poem', but somehow all but the first line disappeared.
I blame it on the computer and/or this poetry site whose ugly head(s) , I felt, appeared.

(October 20th, 2022)

bri edwards
aka Brian Edward Whitaker in Pickens SC

Poems to follow.......

1 - Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

A Bud Crushed Under The Foot

The day's newspaper shook my heart.
I can only shed a tear on my part.
A heartless father shot his daughter.
It was like an animal slaughter.

Her love for a boy was the cause.
She married him as her choice,
Not with her parents' consent
That led to their utter dissent.

Her father, to teach a lesson,
He invited the boy in person,
For a talk in a public place,
Just to break their alliance.

Her mother became serious,
Her father became furious,
When the talk failed at last,
As the kids stood steadfast.

Father had in his pocket hidden,
A pistol normally forbidden,
Two or three rounds he shot,
And gave the boy a chase hot.

The boy escaped with a wound,
But the girl fell dead on the ground,
Her life sucked up by bullets three,
From the pistol that flew free.

Oh God, when this gun culture,
From this earth will disappear?
Why a father kills his daughter,
O'er such a simple love matter?

What for he bred her for years?
Had their eyes dried of tears?
Many lost lovers history has seen,
Now one more added, fresh and green.

(A news from 'Times of India' of 8-10-2005)

Rajaram Ramachandran

Saturday, October 8,2005

poem poems father daughter animal culture

2 - Poem by anais vionet

A Big Affair

'You don't indulge in much self-reflection, do you? ' Peter asked me.
'Are you asking about that time in Reno I shot a man just to watch him die? ' I answered.

A poem from a friend (by Peter) :

A big affair
I know more about particle physics than love
but you have a magic of your own,
and I want to be around it.
A big affair
A fight for your attention and commitment,
a revelation, a feast of impressions,
I could drown in it.

Peter hops up for a handful of peanuts, then retakes his place on the deep red couch next to me. 'Sure, ' I say in my best frenetic, surly and spoiled voice, 'leave me alone here - desperate for kisses - and then try and creep back into my life.'
Marriam Webster: Frenetic = 'anxiety-driven'*

anais vionet

Tuesday, October 18,2022

Topic(s) of this poem: university, boyfriend, humor, Tteen, light poetry

3 - Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

A Rendezvous

A naive and beautiful bud,
Full of dreams and vibrant.
A sun so bold and bright,
Its golden arms give warmth.

Together they enjoy
One pleasant summer day.
The rest of the world
Does not exist to them.

Copyright 2022, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Rose Marie Juan-austin

Wednesday, September 7,2022

4 - Poem by Wun Hung Lo

The Mermaid Steals A Car [part One]

She swam up from the salty depths;
she's tired of living there.
She wants to see some human sights;
she'll travel everywhere.

She knows that she should not be seen,
so she comes out at night,
and flounders up the sandy beach
while staying out of sight.

A Jeep is parked there in the sand,
two lovers making love,
oblivious to all around,
beneath the stars above.

The key is left there in the Jeep;
What an amazing chance!
She climbs aboard and fires it up
without a backward glance.

The lovers from their blanket rise
with murmurs of dismay
as mermaid makes off with their ride
and takes their clothes away!

The mermaid stops two miles away
and dons the poor guy's shirt.
Her torso is now covered up,
as is most of the dirt.

[to be continued...]

Wun Hung Lo

Monday, October 17,2022


5 - Poem by Rajiv Khandelwal


After the Chief of Surgery's diagnosis
He was elated to know
His 95 year old mother
Could be saved
From the life-consuming disease
But the now-or-never operation
Would cost his entire nest eggs
That he had so painstakingly
Set aside
For his daughter's wedding
Who had just turned thirty eight
And whose prospects in the marriage market
Were getting grim by the day

His heart was in a fix

Save a person with a few years to go
Or the one
Who had a full life ahead

He was bedeviled by raging storms

The ‘Custom of Sea'
Looped in his mind

He prayed to God
And sought forgiveness

March 2022 Number 1 Published in WEC Volume 12

Rajiv Khandelwal

Monday, September 26,2022

6 - Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams


The day was dark
Her heart was still
Alone she stood
On distant hill

Alone she'll be
For all her life
He gave her joy
Along with strife

He went and fought
In senseless war
Did not come back
That's how things are

Cowboy Ron Williams
Friday, September 11,2020

Topic(s) of this poem: life and death, war
7 - Poem by Daisy Mallard


I am alone.
Nobody loves me.
Nobody cares.
No one misses me.

I am a grain of sand
on the beach of life.
Everybody steps on me
without ever seeing me.

When I stick to
the bottom of your shoe
and get carried away
perhaps thousand of miles
to wherever you live,
nobody notices
that I am missing.

I am a leaf
fallen from the tree.
Does the tree miss me?
It will have new leaves
next year,
but I,
having fallen,
am already dead.

Daisy Mallard

Wednesday, October 5,2022

8 - Poem by David Page- aka Harry Riley

A Father's Letter To His Daughter

Little princess you've been born into wealth untold
You may live a long life and grow very old
Your every wish will be yours to command
With servants 'aplenty and always to hand

Your father has seen many years come and go
And now on his head you could note there is snow
One day you will rule in this kingdom of mine
Where the sun never sets but does not always shine

If you're honest and wise, then duty is clear
Keep trust in yourself, though schemers appear
Say bad thoughts of none and tell evil begone
And you'll sleep well at night, with your world put to right

Others can play, whatever the day, but not so a queen!
No time to relax, you will always be seen!
No sulking allowed, no temper must show
No hiding away...there is nowhere to go!

I have little more to write to guide you today...
Just keep faith with your star and you'll go very far
'Till you quietly rest, having given your best
'And serving Kindly for all, Sweet Angels may call'

David Page- aka Harry Riley

Tuesday, October 11,2022

9 - Poem by Kim Barney

Murder And Mystery At The 1968 Olympics

It was the year of sixty-eight
and we were deemed the best
of all the greatest relay teams;
we just out-shined the rest.

‘T was hot that year in Mexico,
but we were primed to win,
and we could hardly stand the wait
for those Games to begin.

Bri Edwards ran the lead-off lap,
and running next was Hank.
I ran the third, and for the last,
we'd Cowboy Ron to thank.

The race began, and Bri took off;
the crowd just lost its mind.
Bri stumbled, and his shoe came off,
and he was far behind.

But he kept on without his shoe,
and soon made up some ground.
(But later, when the race was o'er,
his shoe could not be found.)

Bri's shorts had fallen off as well,
as he found out quite soon.
The people came to see some stars,
and they saw a full moon.

Hank ran the best lap of his life,
at an outstanding pace,
and when the second lap was done,
we were in second place.

I ran my best, but could not catch
that speedy guy from France.
With only one more lap to go,
Ron was our only chance.

Then suddenly some shots rang out;
there was a shooter there!
The people scrambled all about,
and screaming filled the air.

Three runners down, but one ran on;
we all remember that.
The one who crossed the finish line
had on a cowboy hat.

A new world record had been set;
we knew we would, of course.
Ron didn't even break a sweat,
and neither did his horse!

Kim Barney

Saturday, October 8,2022

10 - Poem by Bharati Nayak

I Mean It

Why does my spirit make a nose dive
Why should someone try to degrade me
I have every right to make myself happy
Engrossed in my writing world of creativity

Am i destined to waste this life
Only doing the chores heaped on me
Just because I am a wife?
Am I not entitled to free time
To spend it on myself
In pursuit of my hobby?

I am i, a small i
Still I am i
And I mean it so
No one is my Lord
And I mean it, real!

Bharati Nayak

Sunday, August 28,2022

Topic(s) of this poem: responsibility, respect, family, family life, wife
11 - Poem by soren Barrett

A Woman Scorned

She comes with a whisper, that turns to a moan
Full of darkness and anger, that chills to the bone
The demons inside her twist and they tear
Whatever she touches, destroyed without care
In her mouth of destruction she does devour
All before her, that don't bow to her power
She wails, screams, screeches and shrieks
Over flooded valleys, and mountain peaks
Her heartbeat heard in the pounding of the waves
At her center a false calm, before further raves
In her, the fury of hell, a woman rejected
She goes as she came, leaving none unaffected

soren Barrett

Monday, October 3,2022
Let's "call it a wrap" aka end this showcase now, Readers.

Thanks for letting me share poems by eleven ‘members' of PH.
Thanks for any comments you leave. Maybe you will look at some
these poets more closely?

And thanks to all the participating poets for the use of their poems, ….even though I didn't tell them I would use them! ! ! They are all poems I've read recently and enjoyed on PH. And thanks to PH, even though we sometimes get ‘pissed off' at you. :)))))))))))))

October 20th,2022



Thursday, October 20, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: poems,poets,entertainment
Maybe I WON'T have time to use as many poems as I'd like to, but I 'guarantee' at least one will appeal to reader(s) . bri :)
anais vionet 24 October 2022

I like seeing the poems better but I miss you analysis! You should include both!

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Bri Edwards 24 October 2022

anais, Did you mean to type 'I miss you & YOUR analysis' (or analyses?) ? ha ha. Thanks for comment/opinion. YOU just want ME to do MORE WORK! But I'll consider doing both. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 24 October 2022

when will my reply to anais show up? ? ? Yeah, yeah, it takes time. : )

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Bri Edwards 23 November 2022

do you mean my poem-analysis OR my urine-analysis?

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Avon Nova 22 November 2022

Excellent collection of poems! Well done, Bri!

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Kim Barney 22 November 2022

I thought I had commented on this before. I'm sure I did. This new version of PH keeps losing my comments! Thanks for including one of my poems. I enjoyed reading all the others, too.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 November 2022

Thank you again for all your efforts, Bri. Another wonderful showcase.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 November 2022

I agree with the comment of Anais Vionet. Your analysis is a wonderful feature to your showcase.

0 0 Reply
Bri Edwards 23 November 2022

I appreciate the input and will consider it IF I submite more showcases. ;)

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 November 2022

I enjoyed all the poems included in the showcase specially the first poem and the ninth poem by Kim Barney. The former gives us a moral lesson and the latter is crafted with so much humor and wit; very entertaining! !

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