Shannon Chapel Poems

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Thank You, Dear Poets

Thank you to my poet friends
Whom I’ve met on this site.
Your inspiration never ends
Not morning, noon or night.

Midlife Crisis Man

Oh, great! Here he comes again
Look out if you can.
It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane
It’s Midlife Crisis Man.

My Friend

When I awake in the morning
I think of your beautiful, sweet face and it makes me smile.

When I’m feeling weary

Boy's Day Out

This morning he was playing ball
This man and his two boys.
But he’ll never play again
With any of their toys.

Ode To Herb

There was a guy named Herb
Who had a lot of nerve
Critique them all
Beyond the pall

The Drifter

He sits on the sidewalk with his hand out.
He smiles.
His hands are wrinkled and dirty.
So are his clothes.

Young Girl's Lament

Have you noticed all the girls nowadays
Are thin as thin can be?
With bones that poke in awkward ways
From hip and rib and knee.

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