Ode To Herb Poem by Shannon Chapel

Ode To Herb

Rating: 4.8

There was a guy named Herb
Who had a lot of nerve
Critique them all
Beyond the pall
He wanted to be heard.

Each word if out of place
He’d tell you to your face
Feelings hurt
He could be curt
Suggest what to replace.

He wrote things of his own
The man was in the zone!
No word misspelled
All fear dispelled
As solid as a stone.

Many sought his knowledge
The man taught at a college
They prayed to God
For just a nod
His wisdom they acknowledged.

Although he can be rude
The guy is one cool dude
He wants to help
The writing whelp
A thumbs down means you’re screwed.

So if you run across him
It won’t be on a mere whim
You’ll soon decide
Herb on your side
Your writing will be prim.


Thanks, Herb! lol

Herbert Nehrlich1 05 December 2005

Well, thank you. Much appreciated (at least by me) . You are now at the top section of my 'calendar'. If you could change Herb to Herbert it would even be better, since I am as far removed from Herbalists and Vegetarians as one can be. A nice thought and I have NO idea what prompted you to do such a lovely thing. Best wishes H

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Joseph Daly 07 January 2006

Hey! He's a funny guy. A great tribute to a great PH contributor. You must have known that he would love it. This is a great piece of comic verse Shannon.

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Cj Heck 06 December 2005

Excellent poem - nice style here. Funny, I always seem to learn more from people like that... but hate hearing from them LOLOL Warmest regards and respect, CJ

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Mary Nagy 05 December 2005

This was great Shannon! You're right............he's a good guy. Sincerely, Mary

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Nathan Pigott 05 December 2005

You go, girl! keep it up!

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Shannon Chapel 05 December 2005

You're very welcome. It just popped into my head and I wrote it in about 10 minutes. I hope you like. lol S

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