Young Girl's Lament Poem by Shannon Chapel

Young Girl's Lament

Rating: 5.0

Have you noticed all the girls nowadays
Are thin as thin can be?
With bones that poke in awkward ways
From hip and rib and knee.

Their faces gaunt, black circled eyes
Their bleach blond hair unshining.
They think makeup and smiles disguise
The fact their soul is dying.

Esteem supplied by strangers
By what others say they’re worth.
Not knowing this endangers
True contentment on this Earth.

Instructed by society
They’re brainwashed from the start.
Not conforming brings anxiety
And many a broken heart.

So they do what is expected
They fast and purge and then
Feeling more connected
The cycle starts again.

Society wants them to believe
These things that in the end
Won’t mean a thing once they achieve
What others recommend.

It isn’t their appearance
And it’s not their bank accounts.
But rather their adherence
To themselves that really counts.

To yourself always be true
It is your own existence.
Your own dreams doggedly pursue
To succeed will take persistence.

But in the end when you look back
Upon on your life you’ll be
Proud and glad you stayed on track
And your conscience will be free.


Jazib Kamalvi 28 February 2018

A refined poetic imagination, Shannon Chapel. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.

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Uriah Hamilton 10 March 2006

I agree, you have to have love of self!

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Moya Levy 12 February 2006

Shannon this is great, a powerful message, and so true - I know many people going down this road - unfortunately it may be more than just this poem to make them realise. Lovely poem though Moyaxx

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Shannon Chapel 12 February 2006

How right you are, Ernestine! lol I guess that's what I get for trying to write at 1: 00 AM. I fixed the spelling, and thanks for pointing it out. Shannon xoxo

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Ernestine Northover 12 February 2006

Jolly good shannon, another good one from you. Can I ask in the last line, is 'conscious' correct or is it perhaps 'conscience'. Just my reading of it, but you may be right all along. Love Ernestine XXX

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